A young starlet, her controlling mother, a very much younger sister and a whole slew of other fame related cling ons tell the story of how when the glitter wears off it's really hard to keep reality and fiction separated. 

This may sound like a story you have heard so so so many times and for all intense and purposes it is, it's Hollywood, every starlet has the peaks and troughs of fame and fortune, I bet you can name at least three off the top of your head? So why should you come and see this show?
Comedy, Satire, New Work

If they are willing to do it in the rain – I’m willing to watch it in the rain.  These young artists took on powerboats, reminding us that Vancouver is in a rain forest and the most dreaded of Granville Island obstacles – drunk rich people.

Made up of a combination of verse, modern lines and with a through line of the five steps to acceptance of death, Phycopomp is the story of Glauce (daughter of the king of Corinth and Jason’s second wife) who is murdered by Medea and preparing to cross the river Styx.  We stand at the...

Comedy, Drama, New Work -

Multi-multi term politician Kimberly White White (Priscilla Yakielashek) has returned to the Manitoba riding where she was first elected to give an address and share the “real story” of her rise from the daughter of a white trash criminal (“We weren’t trailer trash, trailers weren’t fast enough for Daddy. We were someone else’s Chevy trash”) to Prime Minister of Canada and ultimately the first Canadian President of the United States of North America.

It is 2084 and the countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico have created the corporate invention of the United States of North America, it only...

Comedy, Monologue

For this piece created by Liesl Lafferty, essentially a 45-minute walking tour of Granville Island (which you can take at any time between 5pm and 9pm Monday to Friday and between Noon and 9pm on weekends), you are handed a map, a small mp3 player and headphones and are guided by the new “voices inside your head” replacing the ones that are regularly in there.  It is an interesting concept, one that I think might have some appeal, though perhaps not as part of a Fringe Festival.

Having spent much time here, I did find it interesting...
Comedy, New Work -

This campy fun site specific show will make you laugh without feeling the guilt you get from watching Toddlers and Tiaras or Honey boo boo. Make your way over to the Playground next to the Water Park on Granville Island and be prepared to be transported to an out of this world Beauty Pageant.  First you will need to get comfortable and find a seat on the concrete curved walls – (the front row is more comfortable if you have long legs) – although I am sure by the end of the Fringe this show will have a row or...

Comedy, New Work, All Ages

Written and directed by Theresa Hamilton, The Missing Piece is the story of two high school friends who ditch the grad party in Chilliwack for a twosome night of camping and beer or root beer disguised as beer. Daniel Bergeron and Jeff den Hartog play the two young friends who shotgun beers and talk through their girlfriend problems. The play quickly drops the girlfriend façade and pulls at the main drama, the boys’ long standing attraction to each other.

Staged at the Picnic Pavilion, the outdoor setting adds nicely to the camping theme. Even the flannelled Australians at the...

Comedy, Drama, Queer, New Work

“Romance” is a David Mamet play presented by the Queer Arts Society. The play is about justice, world peace, people and everything else. It reminded me of this saying we had when I worked in campus radio “we offend everyone equally.” This work pushed every political button I have and I laughed the whole way through it. At times I reflected about what it meant to laugh at the justice system, drug abuse, racist slurs, misogynist comments, child abuse, homophobia, etc., but I was too busy laughing at the next moment to finish my thought.

“Romance” is why theatre...

Comedy, Drama -

Epic music starts off this epic adventure. I LOVED Peter ‘n Chris Explore Their Bodies. I am a product of my generation; I love self-conscious comedy complete with references to all my favourite movie genres.

Comedy, Physical Theatre, New Work -

I looked this play up, because I know Lanford Wilson is famous and successful and I was certain that I was missing a really important piece of contextual information that would make the reason for performing this piece evident and everything would fall into place. From Wikipedia all I got was a lot of “it is implied that…” which, yes, I gathered from watching the play. Other reviews were less than helpful. I just feel like this story lacks context. It was one of his earlier plays, perhaps this is why it felt so... something. Emo? It felt like a...

Comedy, Drama -

Bad Day to be a Juggler will not teach you to juggle – but it will shed a light on why someone would want to become a juggler even though as he says “when you Google juggler – it autocorrects to unemployed”.

Comedy, Cabaret, Stand-Up, Improv, All Ages