It's a boys have a penis, girls have a vagina kinda show.

This one man physical theatre show takes us to two different worlds – the Scrotum and the Uterus – two worlds that are preparing for plans to stay off complete destruction.

What can I say but LMFAO!

Comedy, Physical Theatre

Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD-25 is well known for its psychological effects which can include altered thinking processes, closed and open eye visuals, synesthesia, an altered sense of time and spiritual experiences and it all started with one Bike Trip...

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As a young boy on Vancouver Island during games of shinny, Ricky dreams of the NHL, imagines he’s Gretzky and hones his significant hockey skills with his three best goons.  Now they’re in high school and battling his own ego, peer pressure, his feelings around being adopted and his genetic predispositions, Rick attempts to navigate the various choices available to him and please his parents and his coach.

On a simple set depicting a locker room and equipped with a bench and some very effective lighting, director Angela Konrad leads Evan Frayne in a skillfully depicted series of scenes and...

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Shows like Matador Vs. Minotaur are why I go to Fringe Festivals. I loved it.

This is a raunchy fun take on the Theseus and Minotaur tale that confirms what I’ve always secretly suspected – Theseus is kind of a dick. “Yeah yeah, black sail white sail, I got it dad.”

The show starts off with a traditional Greek chorus tacking as down the dark road of tragedy then suddenly switches the gears on us bringing rock n’ roll, WWF wrestling, lingerie, the ocean in a bucket and some gross humour to the classic...

Comedy, Clown, Physical Theatre, New Work

I'd like to begin this review with complete total transparency. I did not like this show. However, that is not to say it wasn't good.

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I was worried about weak sauce for the first 10 minutes.  I was wrong. Weak Sauce is a simple solo show about a young man’s coming of age and all that comes along with that. 

Comedy, Monologue

It takes a minute to get used to the frantic, chaotic silliness of the players (I want to say performers, but players seems more appropriate) in Temple of Chaos… but when you stop trying to figure it out and just let the chaos wash over you, it might just become your favorite show of the Fringe this year.

Comedy, Cabaret, Clown, Physical Theatre, All Ages -

I may not be a professional reviewer but I see a LOT of theatre and I’ve studied theatre, created theatre etc etc. And I know that (as much as I would like there to be) there is no objective standard for my favourite medium, all art is subjective. That disclaimer made: This is possibly the best show I have ever seen. Ever.

Comedy, Drama, Multimedia, Physical Theatre

Sylvestre wants a husband. This funny, sad, often silly woman thought her troubles were over when her cousin sent her in a crate as a mail-order bride to a Canadian man. Sadly, her groom-to-be died as she emerged from the box, so she must keep searching for the man who will complete her life.

Comedy, Monologue, All Ages

James Melcher puts on a touching performance in his autobiographical play, My Marvelous Melcher Machine, about growing up with more than his fair share of funerals and near-constant change. The themes of death and change are up-front the whole time, oddly without being overly sad or tear-jerky – though the story seems a bit random throughout, with jumps in chronology that I didn’t always get.
Melcher makes very effective use of his outdoor space by the marina on Granville Island (and after sitting in a slightly stuffy theatre earlier, laying out on a picnic blanket under a...

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