Miss Cosmos: the 53rd Annual Intergalactic Bride Competition – Campy Comedic Silly Fun in the Great Outdoors

Comedy, New Work, All Ages

This campy fun site specific show will make you laugh without feeling the guilt you get from watching Toddlers and Tiaras or Honey boo boo. Make your way over to the Playground next to the Water Park on Granville Island and be prepared to be transported to an out of this world Beauty Pageant.  First you will need to get comfortable and find a seat on the concrete curved walls – (the front row is more comfortable if you have long legs) – although I am sure by the end of the Fringe this show will have a row or two of people standing in the back – so you might want to get there a bit early to ensure you get a seat.  Not that it is a hardship to sit for a few minutes and have a view of the water & trees as the night descends upon you.

The darkness is broken by spinning lights that cross the playground that now becomes the TV Studio where Miss Cosmos is filmed.  We are greeted by the Host PIXPAX (Joanna Williams) who introduces us to the contestants YUMYUM (Christine Bortolin), BOUCHELLA (Jordan Kerbs) and TIKTAK (Melanie Reich) – they are beautiful aliens who smile and pose for Us - the Audience - as apparently we are the judges.  Each of the contestants is the last remaining survivor of their planets after its sun went supernova.  Miss Cosmos gives the contestants the opportunity to win a crown, their survival and the possibility of a human husband.  The losers will be fired into the black-holes of space – where they will be consumed by the darkness.  Choose wisely audience – the outcome is on your shoulders.
The Contestants compete in a series of funny pageant competitions trying to pander to the humans and be everything that we like, want and find trendy.  As the competition gets tight secrets begin to be revealed that could change everything…but will they?
Miss Cosmos is a new work created by Bright Young Theatre – as part of the site-specific section of the Fringe. This play was created specifically for the playground in which it is performed and it shows.  The actors utilize the space and equipment so that you really do forget you are in a playground and drift into their world.  The costumes and make-up are fantastically over the top and just right at the same time.  They have not only lit the area with theatre lighting but they have incorporated lights into each of their costumes allowing them to light up just one or two characters for the more intimate scenes.  Attention is paid to all production details and Stage Manager Ashley Noyes keeps the show moving even when it is quite chaotic.
Performing Nightly at 8:20 pm (rain or shine) – this show is campy comedic silly fun in the beautiful outdoors –- you will love each of the characters but be careful just because they are beautiful doesn’t mean that they won’t cut you…an enjoyable 40 cosmic minutes. 


By Jason T. Broadfoot