So – here is my Fringe prediction. James Gangl will win your heart with his charming, funny and oddly innocent ways. If I was single, I'd be looking this man up for a good time. (In fact, I may just do so anyway... sorry honey.)

Comedy, Monologue -

One of the 14 onsite shows at Granville Island, Pirates? features a lively cast of seven performers from Quimera Collective. Their program includes helpful instructions on how to fold the paper into a sailor hat... which should tell you a great deal about the tenor of this performance which takes place at the Kids Tugboat near the Kids Market.

Comedy, Drama, Physical Theatre - Quimera Collective

I did not know what to expect and had no reference from any previous experiences from the RC Weslowski body of work, but after the show and thinking of what I just saw (or did it happen?), such expectations could have ruined this wonderfully tripped out time.

The Wet Dream Catcher

Who knew Hitchcock could be hilarious

OK, The 39 Steps isn’t a straight-up theatrical rendition of the classic thriller film of the same name. And that’s just fine. The play is very funny, with compelling acting and imaginative use of stagecraft to keep the audience engaged.

The play follows the trials and tribulations of Richard Hannay, a man on the run for a crime he didn’t commit. While rambling through the English countryside on the lam from Scotland Yard, he finds himself immersed in a mysterious spy plot with consequences that could affect the future of the nation. Along the...

Diana Coatsworth and Martin Happer in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of The 39 Steps. Photo by David Cooper.

He's back. Brit comic Rob Gee has returned to The Fringe with The Genghis Khan Guide to Etiquette a show having, in his own words, "nothing to do with Genghis Khan, and even less to do with etiquette".

Gee was a huge hit at last year's Fringe with his show Fruitcake - true tales from his time as a nurse in a psych ward. Although Khan may not be as good as his previous effort Gee is still a pleasure to see, and with word of mouth and rave reviews, he'll no doubt sell out the rest of his run....

Rob Gee

Now, sure, this show is simply an improvisational style talk show.  Daniel Packard, who has been doing the "same" Fringe show every year for the past few years can still pack a crowd and knows very well how to handle said crowd. 

I will bend you over and nail you to the wall.

The actor who portrays the titular character of this one-man show – he isn't introduced anywhere as the performer but I'm guessing either Jeff McMahan or Chris Cook, the two guys credited with 'created by' in the Fringe guide – is a charming, confident and comfortable performer.

Getting stuck.

“This is a cock!”

“Oooooee” I think as Collette Kendall opens her piece at Performance Works late on Thursday night. She holds a large dildo and proceeds to indulge in cock facts and cock stories.

Collette Kendall shocked by learning what a cock looks like