Blind Items - Two Terrific Performances

Comedy, Satire, New Work

A young starlet, her controlling mother, a very much younger sister and a whole slew of other fame related cling ons tell the story of how when the glitter wears off it's really hard to keep reality and fiction separated. 

This may sound like a story you have heard so so so many times and for all intense and purposes it is, it's Hollywood, every starlet has the peaks and troughs of fame and fortune, I bet you can name at least three off the top of your head? So why should you come and see this show?
Here is why, the starlet in question and the protagonist of this play, is wonderfully portrayed and brings an air of humility and a depth to this character that could very easily have been very two-dimensional, whilst retaining the right amount of disillusionment early on in the play to make this story engaging to watch. 
In addition, the second actress (who portrays the dozen or so other characters) is amazing, her ability to switch between so many characters with such dexterity is a joy to watch, from caricatures, to stereotypes and then seamlessly into a much more emotionally engaging character all in the blink of an eye, a real talent.
Finally the use of multimedia in this production is a real asset to the production, I have seen a few productions where projections or film have been added as an afterthought and it was it a good mesh, here however, they have fully integrated it to the production and it really adds the little bit of sparkle to help this show shine.  Strong performances by both actresses, an excellent script and a great sound track! 
This play is dark and edgy and rips the band aid off of the wound that is Hollywood.
By Leah Bradford-Smart