I suspect that Burnt at the Steak will be one of the most talked-about shows at the Fringe. Carolann Valentino delivers a brilliant and bombastic performance in the story of a New York-born Italian who is raised in Texas and returns to Manhattan to make a career in acting – and in the meantime, managing a high-end steakhouse.

Comedy, Musical Theatre

Theatre of the Beat brings us a lively tale inspired by a true story in Gadfly. It's the journey of Sam Steiner, a young American Mennonite who is struggling to balance his conservative upbringing and the political realities of the late 1960s. The play was commissioned by Conrad Grebel University College and the Mennonite Historical Society of Canada.

Comedy, Drama, New Work

A Short History of My Life as a Bear + Nancy of the Pizza Garden are two short plays written by Kempton Dexter and Jacques Lalonde, produced by One Crazy Frenchman and a Big Bear Productions. The plays are running at the Havana Theatre, a cozy performance space in the back of the homonymous restaurant, on Commercial Drive.

Nancy, which is directed by Anthony F. Ingram, opened the night. Set in an art studio, the show is a dialogue between Travis (Richard Newman), a painter who is especially fond of landscapes and man on horses, and Alex (Michael Kopsa), an...


The night I saw No Tweed Too Tight the CBC was also having a gala event for Fashion's Night Out. On one side of the building the line snaked around the block - on the other six of us lined up and huddled into the shade to avoid the sun. All told, about 12 people made it out for the inaugural show at the new CBC Fringe venue and the first run of Monster Theatre's No Tweed Too Tight, which is a shame, because I bet we had just as much fun as the people next door, without having to...

Comedy, Physical Theatre, New Work

Take the quirkiness of Zooey Deschanel, the pep of Kristen Chenowith and the eagerness of Glee's Rachel Berry and put them all together in a parking garage and you get Ingrid Nilson. Welcome To My Wake sees Nilson try to bond with the audience over her need to check off a few experiences from her bucket list, inspired by the tragic loss of a good friend.

Comedy, Dance, Multimedia, All Ages

Every Friday night should start with 45 minutes of Hip Hop Shakespeare; I have spent the hour since seeing this show humming and lalala’ing with a huge smile on my face. For all those thespians out there who don’t think this is for them I double dare you to go along anyway.

Comedy, Musical Theatre, Performance Art

A family-friendly 10.45pm show is always a worry. But worry not The Histories for one reason or another is no more as in “not featured in this year’s fringe festival” unbeknownst to the audience until we took our seats, in its place Will Shakespeare’s Improv Musical.

Family, Comedy, Satire, All Ages

God is a Scottish Drag Queen. This is something that those of us with Scottish backgrounds have known for secretly for a long time.  The title might conjure up images of a young Allan Cummings in knee high boots and flashing eyes lashes.

Comedy, Cabaret, Stand-Up, Monologue -

Seriously, if you are looking for subtlety or sophistication give this one a miss. However, if you want to throw yourself into a world in which many young adults live then you might want to have a look.


"'Tis a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Macbeth. Act 5, scene 5

We gather by the sculpture garden behind the Granville Island False Creek Gym. We’re here to learn of the history made at this place. Or not.

Comedy, Drama, New Work