I freakin’ loved this show! Loved, loved loved! As a singer with an eclectic background in music, Kevin Armstrong’s Opera for Heathens spoke to my soul. But, you defiantly do not need any musical training to fall on love with this show.

Comedy, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, Opera, All Ages

When Missie walked on to the stage I saw a shy woman, slight build and…well…the silver onsie is hard to ignore. But then she spoke and I was captivated by her confidence and poise. Missie is a spoken word poet, so this performance is, as you would expect, a collection of spoken word poems. She ties them all together with a suitcase filled with dates, both in the future and the past. She speaks about her religious upbringing, sneaking her dad’s sci-fi books as a kid and how this all tied in to her vision of what today should look...

Comedy, Monologue -

I have to say, I was a bit concerned when I was going in to this one. How the heck is one woman going to play seven different people without losing the audience entirely? Right from the first scene when the first wife falls in to Purgatory I was entranced.

Comedy, New Work -

I had pretty high expectations for when I arrived at the Havana for the Opening Night of The Furious Anger Fun Hour. I mean this Vancouver Sketch Comedy Troupe is made up of the hilarious physical comedy duo Peter n’ Chris (Peter Carlone, Chris Wilson),  Sam Mullins (Tinfoil Dinosaur)  and stand-up comic Bryan Nothling.  About thirtyish audience members joined me in the theatre (which at the Havana is over half full) and we were greeted by a stage empty except for a microphone in a stand & a well-loved loveseat.  

As the show begins we  are welcomed by our...

Comedy, Satire

Bravo to this writer/director and the wonderful group of actors for creating a lovely understated piece of theatre. This play is about the microcosm of life that takes place every day in the Net Loft on Granville Island and appropriately is performed in the Net Loft space.  Kudos to whoever worked to make that happen, not easy but the result is a really good one.

Comedy, Drama

Simply put, it rises to the challenge of saying something profound about Death and the experience is both heart wrenching and comforting. John Grady lays it out for you, he helps us understand what to do, or rather how to be, when someone is dying and then he gets on with it. He takes on perhaps the greatest task of loving in our lives, which is being supportive and selfless for someone else at the very end.

Mr. Grady says the rest so very well I won’t go into my interpretation but will say he does it simply and efficiently....

Comedy, Drama, Monologue -

This show is a shwack of a lot of fun and LOL funny, the actor has a great grasp of the material and the characters he is playing. We can relax back; we are in good hands.

Mark Shyzer really enjoys being up there on the “boards” and we enjoy watching his characters come to life and talk about their everyday insights into their worlds.  His energy is most engaging. Mark flips genders and characters smoothly and dives into their lives and the material to bring them into focus for us larger than life! He uses a lot of pop...

Comedy, Queer, New Work -

Playwright Arlen Kristian Tom writes some funny, snappy dialogue in this dynamic two-hander.  A tentative groom and his hung over best man are struggling with friendship, commitment and laundry issues in the confines of a small hotel room.  The future of the happy couple hangs in the balance while the best man spends a fair bit of time hanging over the toilet.


The return of the all to known wet weather of Vancouver had return as the audience was getting ready for How to Love: The Headphone Play. Headphones were required to be part of the play as everyone was loaded up with an mp3 player. Lead by Darren Boquist (also the playwright), we headed  over to the onsite venue right at the docks behind the Granville Island Hotel as instructions were given to us through our mp3s.

The play itself is a heartfelt introspective story but to be part of the story and experience being the characters and participating was...

Comedy, Drama, New Work -

What would it be like to meet your kindergarten teacher for a coffee right after she got out of treatment for anxiety and depression? It would be like watching “birdy”. Karie Richards wrote and performs this one-woman monologue piece about Birdy’s worries and family history, one and the same really.

Comedy, Drama, Monologue, New Work