Romance – A Must See

Comedy, Drama -

“Romance” is a David Mamet play presented by the Queer Arts Society. The play is about justice, world peace, people and everything else. It reminded me of this saying we had when I worked in campus radio “we offend everyone equally.” This work pushed every political button I have and I laughed the whole way through it. At times I reflected about what it meant to laugh at the justice system, drug abuse, racist slurs, misogynist comments, child abuse, homophobia, etc., but I was too busy laughing at the next moment to finish my thought.

“Romance” is why theatre still exists. It is the ability to shift the audience to thinking another way using character, set and narrative. Mamet's writing is very interesting. It is more dance or music than dialogue. I loved getting swept into the rhythm of the language and then being yanked out of it by amazing one-liners. Here’s one of my favourites “I made a quiche offering when he was in the wrong.” I’m sure out of context that may not seem as hilarious as it was, but trust me – it’s hilarious. This play requires the audience to trust and let the language wash over you.

The cast was stellar. Their delivery, pacing and comedic timing was perfect. The use of staging and set helped add the necessary context and bring the dialogue forward. Particular stand-outs, although everyone is great, are David C. Jones as The Prosecutor, Chris Robson as The Defense Attorney, and Brian Hinson at The Judge. Go see this play and laugh while you contemplate the essential emptiness of life and all the joy it brings.

By Kristina Lemieux