Now, sure, this show is simply an improvisational style talk show.  Daniel Packard, who has been doing the "same" Fringe show every year for the past few years can still pack a crowd and knows very well how to handle said crowd. 

Due to the high level of interactivity there will always be "dicks" in the audience who want nothing more than to prove Daniel wrong, make him cry, or just try and be funnier than he is - and that is the show I got.  Don't get me wrong, though.  It was still a hilarious experience and I...

I will bend you over and nail you to the wall.

Take your kids to this show.

It’s interesting how few shows we actually have in the festival that are truly kid friendly. Sure there is Lavignia and Return to Dragonland, but seriously, the Toronto Fringe has an entire venue dedicated to plays that the kids can go see. We don’t. What is up with that?


Take your kids to this show.

It’s a fun and entertaining puppet piece about a young DJ that dreams of making it big. Of course, in every good story there is always obstacles, so what does our young DJ have to overcome…? Well, for...

Still wrapping my head around the whole no head thing to come up with a witty photo caption.

Are you a gamer? Do you live, breath, eat, sleep, and dream in the worlds inhabited by Mario, his brother Luigi and the characters from Final Fantasy IV…? If you know of what I’m even talking about, then you have enough knowledge to understand what these guys are throwing at you.

No Snowcones is a group of young graduates from the Grant MacEwan school for the arts in Edmonton, where they debuted this show in June at NextFest, took it to the Victoria fringe and have now brought it to us. Dan Dobranski, Michael Davidson,
and Brennan Campbell...


I think it’s safe to say, the last time I read this book, not one of these kids was born. And by kids I mean the senior class of the Arts Umbrella touring group who originally put this piece up in the spring. Since then they have completely recast the production, one of their own has taken over the reins as director and they went for a new look on the design side (apparently the originals greys weren’t quite totalitarian enough).

In a stifling little gym I sat on some wood bleachers and sank back into this dystopian little...


“War is hell” is always a trusty ignition phrase when concepting a story line. Legion Blues is an exploration of the effect of a tour of duty on two buddies as they try to adapt to life post-WWII, and the woman that comes between them.

Paul is steadily becoming a dead-beat dad and husband, spending as much time as possible shooting stick and swilling beers down at the local legion, and Ray, the determined bachelor, has seen too many people he cared about face down on the battlefield to ever allow himself to give a shit about anyone,...

Legion Blues

When I first opened my Fringe guide a few weeks ago, I circled TAPE as THE show I needed to see. Written by Stephen Belber, it's a play set in real time inside a hotel room, and it's being presented as a BYOV in a room at the Waldorf on East Hastings.

Nothing gets me more excited about theatre than ambitious site-specific work like this. It makes me almost forget all of the budget cuts and bullshit that the Gordon Campbell government has rained down on all artists here in BC. If there are no theatres left in...


Someone here has daddy issues. I'm just not sure who, or why I should care. While watching Little White Lies - an immature one-woman monologue here on tour from Ottawa - it seems like in all probability it's the actor (I couldn't find indication of her name anywhere), the piece comes off like an autobiographical re-enactment of a teenager's diary in which she bubble-headedly goes on and on about her family and her fantasy romantic life, complete with simplistic impressions of her parents and her starry eye-inducing love interest.

It's all a bit disconcerting as this actor clearly isn't...

Little White Lies

In a small, intimate setting, this one man show featuring Dwayne Morgan, brings honesty and love to the forefront. The story is simple and one that happens to many people.

Grade 8 is about a young man who loses the love of his life in an accident and faces the prospect of bringing up his daughter on his own. In the telling of this story, Morgan describes the emotions of loss, the way his perspective on life changed, the way he views other people as well as his struggle as a single father, for example, giving “the talk” to...

Dwayne Morgan

Vancouver: Gemma Wilcox is remarkable. As the actor, director and playwright of The Honeymoon is Officially Over, she delivers a stand-out piece of theatre that has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. Playing a myriad of characters throughout the piece, she lights up the stage with integrity and beautifully smooth transformations.

The story unravels centrally around a couple who are hitting rough waters in their relationship, and their interactions with different things surrounding them: an aunt and uncle, an ex-boyfriend, a cat, a hamster, a peacock and even a fire. The story doesn’t hold any punches...

It's over baby.

I had no idea what I was going to see when I walked into this show.  I thought this show was going to be about a bunch of dancing girls or some Moulin Rouge type story that may be nothing more than scantily clad girls.  I was totally wrong and as punishment, this performance kicked me in the gut, smacked me upside my head, made fun of my life, and then drop kicked my ass into reality.  I was shocked to get a short history lesson on a part of the 20th century that I had no idea existed.


Tito, victor or bastard