When I was growing up, my first experience with death was the death of Heidi, my guinea pig.  She was killed by my lop-eared rabbit, Brownie.  Of course, this wasn't a planned "hit" or anything.  When we were home, we let them wander around the house and they always got along.  They even ignored each other.  What I gathered from my mother was she had startled Brownie and the rabbit jumped up on top of Heidi's cage. 

The cage collapsed, killing Heidi.  I am not sure if this story is true since my mother was the only witness.  But, as Lisa...

Hey, death, bite me!

“This is a cock!”

“Oooooee” I think as Collette Kendall opens her piece at Performance Works late on Thursday night. She holds a large dildo and proceeds to indulge in cock facts and cock stories.

The Cockwhisperer: A Love Story
, Kendall’s one woman show, begins by taking us back to the late 70’s when she was young and curious about cocks. Her references to dying ones hair with Sun-In and learning to do The Hustle brought back fond memories for me. She speaks about a time when in sex education, as she illustrates, drawing the female anatomy was...

Collette Kendall shocked by learning what a cock looks like

I don't want to say this play was terrible but I can't say it was good either.  I can sum up this production in one sentence: Did I just about sleep through a girl fucking a rock on stage?  I uttered this sentence to the person next to me and they smiled back with a "why the hell am I here?" kind of smile and and whispered: "Yes, Shane.  Yes you did."

This play had many, many problems.  The first of which was the script.  It was, as Andrew Templeton pointed out: "fifty minutes of full on gibberish".  The script...

Want to get in on this orgy action?

Biographies of the Dead and Dying is a captivating play that clutched me from the opening music until the unpredictable ending. The writer, Andrew Templeton, presents us with a perspective on death. The female lead, played by Heather Lindsay, twists her way through her neurotic need to write and find material while blocked by her own inability to live in the present reality.

Biographies is unique and brilliant, the acting powerful and outstanding, the staging and directing creatively executed and the lighting and sound dynamite. As a testament to the support this play has already received (and it’s only...

Biographies of the Dead and Dying

As I recall, the first show of last year’s Fringe was, for me, The Spy by Jonno Katz, it started the festival off with a BANG! This year I was happy to repeat the feat with his latest offering The Accident…*whimper*  

Please understand that, after years of hearing what an amazing, talented artist Mr Katz is, and after seeing his hilariously tight and energetic show from last year, I had high expectations for this piece. Does that mean I think the show a bomb? Not in the least!

This is a tale of 3 people, Sebastian (an...

The Accident: shit machine

“Two words that we are not supposed to talk about, but how else am I going to tell you this story…?”

This autobiographical tale by Vancouver performer Berend McKenzie is an honest and poignant look into the life of a young black child growing up in a cold western Canadian town and coming to terms with his sexuality. Spanning the ages from 7 to adulthood, Buddy takes us through defining moments in his life that scar and rend the heart to hear, yet knowing the man has come out the other side, we long for more.

Broken into four...


Shame, humiliation, hilarity and so much beautiful saliva. The funniest bastard around.

Love, love, love, love. Fuck that shit was funny.

First off, I love red and am extremely partial to the word bastard. So even before the show starts, I’m feeling the love. From the first cheeky notes of Come Together, with a tease of his toe, a glimpse of his hand from behind the curtain, Red Bastard presents himself as cheeky, raunchy, intelligent and extremely willing to take control of an audience. Like a swollen, knobby American Apparel ad, Red Bastard bounds around the stage with a dancer’s...

Red Bastard wants you

Vancouver: I will be the first to admit that I was not expecting too much when I walked into Origins Coffee House to see The Hefner Monologues.  John Hefner, the self-proclaimed estranged second cousin to the notorious Hugh Hefner, has written his one man show in the hopes of “writing his own Vagina Monologues”. 

To my surprise, The Hefner Monologues is a little bit of everything: a love story, a dance party, an interactive improv, a show that will have you shrieking with laughter one second, and leave you feeling deeply moved the next.  These stories come from all...

The Other Hefner

Vancouver: Hey, remember that guy Shakespeare? He wrote some shit and we totally jizz all over it hundreds of years later? You remember that guy? Well, playwright Steven Berkoff remembers him too and he’s created a letter-writing rendition of the troubled relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia.


Using letters to convey the emotions traveling between the tortured Hamlet and his very willing Ophelia is an interesting choice. A letter can take everything one might not want to say in person or wish they could say in person, but makes it less intimidating. If you want to be blunt, put yourself...

Ophelia: all consuming passion and lust

Vancouver: The UBC opera ensemble (students or recent graduates of the UBC opera program) sing Mozart’s Cosí Fan Tutte - a presentation of Bard on the Beach's Opera and Arias program - with irreverent glee. These folks know their business, and Bard’s mainstage theatre is the perfect place to see Mozart’s upbeat opera, since compared to many opera venues it is intimate, as eighteenth century theatres generally were, and the audience can connect more easily with the performers.

  It’s also a great place to go for a first opera experience, since audience members need not shell out a...

UBC Opera Ensemble and members of Vancouver Opera Orchestra perform "Così fan tutte" for Bard on the Beach's 2009 Opera & Arias. Photo: David Blue