This is a show unlike anything you have seen before – a wordless combination of physical theatre/comedy, grotesque clown / bouffon and dance that just may transform you.

Performer Sandrine Lafond brings her show Little Lady from Las Vegas – one of my favorite places & the transformation capital of the world.  Whether it be transforming a desert into an oasis, a hotel into a pyramid or castle or transforming a human’s face, teeth, boobs & abs to create the perfect body for lounging by the pool - Vegas is the place.  Lafond herself has recently transformed from Cirque Du...

Dance, Clown, Physical Theatre, All Ages -

Last night was opening night for Ballet BC’s first performance in the 2011/2012 season in the Queen Elizabeth Thearre. And a wonderful opening it was!  A Canadian première, a world premiere and a wonderful revisiting and expansion of Doppeling  ( premiere 2009) by Canadian choreographer Simone Orlando.

In the 7:00 preshow talk Vancouver Dance writer Janet Smith interviewed both visiting choreographers presented in 3 Fold: Canadian Robert Glumbek with his World Premiere Diversion, developed for Ballet BC dancers   and Italian Choreographer Walter Matteini. This is the first time this Matteini’s work has been shown in Canada..  Tonight we saw...

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The talented burlesque trio of April O’Peel, Melody Mangler and Violet Femme are back again in this fun and raunchy neo-cabaret spectacular at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Inspired by a collection of performance styles, including circus, B-movies, baggy pants comedians, and classic striptease, the Razzle Tassle Tease Show will certainly keep you entertained, no matter what your sexual orientation!

The theatre is dimly lit with cabaret seating (tables and chairs), so feel free to bring that glass of wine you purchased before the show in with you. The opening number is punchy and amusing, as the three performers enter the...

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It’s not fair.  My recent tour of Vancouver’s Cultural Olympiad/VIDF/Chutzpah Festival enhanced dance scene began with the spectacular work of Marie Chouinard, who proved herself to be the gold medalist, the MVP and the world champion of clever choreography and gorgeous staging.  What could possibly come after such an audacious entry in the contemporary dance category?  Chouinard’s dancing shoes are hard to fill.  

Aszure Barton

Dark Matters is the latest offering by choreographer Crystal Pite, the founder of Kidd Pivot.  Influenced by Kabuki and Butoh puppet theatre, Dark Matters is a two part performance that deconstructs it's own dramatic premise, immersing the audience in meditations on creation and destruction as part of a cosmic flux.

Part one is a theatrical narrative told through movement, a dark fable about a puppet maker whose creation comes to life and kills him with a pair of tailor's scissors (think Pinocchio gone terribly wrong).  The second part is based in pure movement, but though free of narrative,...

Kidd Pivot: Dark Matters

Pacific Theatre has never looked so cool.

The Passion Project

Vladimir John Cubrt takes a bold risk with his creation, The Weeping Salsa produced by Zocalo Toronto.

The Weeping Salsa