An abstract meditation on the nature of those with hooves, perhaps you require hooves of your own to truly appreciate this production written and directed by Elysse Cheadle. Inspired by beasts both domestic and mythic, hoof attempts to stand on its own four feet (or 10 feet if you count the actual number of feet belonging to its five female performers appearing onstage at the Waterfront Theatre). The show has physical theatre and abstraction aplenty but spoken text is largely nowhere to be found.


Tara Cheyenne Performance | Highgate

Kristina Lemieux

The Cultch Historic Theatre (Monday, April 30)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/The Cultch following the performance…

Highgate is a morbid romp through Victorian funerary culture, jumping straight from the darkest part ofTara Cheyenne Friedenberg’s imagination. Reflecting personal and collective grief, a band of figures captivate in this fascinating gothic dance of death, physical oddity, humour, and horror.

Chartier Danse | Stria

Kristina Lemieux

Scotiabank Dance Centre (Thursday, April 25)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/The Dance Centre following the performance…

Stria is the latest solo work by the award-winning and versatile choreographer/performer Marie-Josée Chartier, and is inspired by the beautiful and unpredictable terrain of the Badlands. The work uses an exquisite blend of movement, music, text and voice to delve into a mosaic of colourful memories, and touches on themes of nature, love and loss. Anchored by a luminous central performance by Chartier, Striais a thoughtful, humorous and unconventional self-portrait.

Carte Blache | Corps de Walk

Kristina Lemieux
Corps de Walk

Vancouver Playhouse (Saturday, March 23rd)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/DanceHouse following the performance…

Carte Blanche was established in 1989 in Bergen, Norway, to perform work by some of the best and most celebrated Norwegian and international choreographers, with a strong emphasis on commissioned work from a new generation of contemporary dance-makers. The combination of the up-and-coming and the renowned results in an eclectic, exciting, and high-quality company at the forefront of the development of dance, both in Norway and abroad.

Corps de Walk is a new piece by Israeli choreographers Sharon Eyal and Gai Bachar. Eyal is a talented dance-maker with a unique and personal language, toying with the erotic, androgynous and sometimes the grotesque emotions in her choreography. In addition to dancing with the company, Eyal has been associate artistic director and house choreographer for Batsheva Dance.

BJM (Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal) | Works by Millepied, Soto & Marshall

Kristina Lemieux
BJM (Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal)

Vancouver Playhouse (Saturday, February 16)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/DanceHouse following the performance…

An internationally renowned repertory company, BJM (Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal) continues in the spirit of exploration that has been its hallmark since 1972. This eclectic company of dancers captivates audiences and critics across the world. Under artistic director Louis Robitaille, BJM develops new work that is the result of a unique and energizing meeting between choreographer and dancer.

This performance will include the magnificent duo Closer by French choreographer Benjamin Millepied, danced to the music of Philip Glass, Fuel by Cayetano Soto of Brazil, and a newly commissioned work by American-born, Israel-based Barak Marshall. The diverse pieces contrast dynamic, virtuosic small ensemble and solo work with the energy and power of the full company.

battery opera performance + Par B.L.eux | Body-Scan 2

Kristina Lemieux
Body Scan 2

Scotiabank Dance Centre (Thursday, February 14)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/The Dance Centre following the performance…

Body-Scan 2 is choreographed and performed by Montreal’s Benoît Lachambre and battery opera’s Su-Feh Lee, two exceptional artists renowned for pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance with work that is fearless, intellectually rigorous and absorbing. Following on from their 2008 ensemble piece Body-Scan, this new duet explores the human body as a porous conduit through which our personal and collective history, memory and desires pass, and features images by New York photographer Robert Flynt and live music by Juno Award-winning musician and composer Jesse Zubot.

Jérôme Bel | Cédric Andrieux

Kristina Lemieux
Cédric Andrieux

Scotiabank Dance Centre (Friday, January 18)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/The Dance Centre following the performance…

The slyly brilliant work of Jérome Bel returns to Vancouver with a beautifully spare and poetic evening of dance and autobiographical storytelling, created in collaboration with, and performed by, French dancerCédric Andrieux.

Reflecting on a rich career which included eight rigorous years with Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Andrieux gives a rare, moving and humorous insider’s view into a dancer’s life, performing extracts of work by major choreographers including Cunningham and Trisha Brown.

Shay Kuebler | Karoshi

Kristina Lemieux

Scotiabank Dance Centre (Thursday, December 6)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/The Dance Centre following the performance…

Shay Kuebler presents a new full-length version of his 2011 hit Karoshi (meaning ‘death from overwork’ in Japanese), which is inspired by the clash between extreme societal pressure and personal needs, as exemplified in Japan’s salaryman culture.

Kuebler draws on martial arts, hip hop and contemporary dance to create physically explosive, high energy choreography for an outstanding all-male ensemble, incorporating live taiko drumming and video to create a thrilling and visceral theatrical experience.

Cedar Lake | Works by Shechter, Ekman & Pite

Kristina Lemieux
Cedar Lake

Vancouver Playhouse (Saturday, September 29)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/DanceHouse following the performance…

Through their daring, athletic movement and integration of classical technique into contemporary and popular forms, the dancers of Cedar Lake take audiences on a choreographic journey that explores the infinite possibilities of movement and multimedia. The company’s emphasis on commissioning new works from the hottest choreographers on the planet has made it one of the most exciting dance ensembles working today.

These performances include three works: Violet Kid by DanceHouse favourite Hofesh Shechter, Tuplet byAlexander Ekman, and Crystal Pite’s Grace Engine; repertoire that shows off the company’s downtown edge and personality as featured in the film The Adjustment Bureau.

fabien prioville dance company | Experiment on Chatting Bodies

Kristina Lemieux
Experiment on Chatting Bodies

Scotiabank Dance Centre (Friday, September 21)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/The Dance Centre following the performance…

A veteran of La La La Human Steps and the legendary Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wuppertal, French-bornFabien Prioville creates work that bursts with theatricality and striking images. In his new duet (performed w/ Pascal Merighi, also ex-Tanztheater Wuppertal) Prioville uses Facebook and Skype to invite people to share their music, movement, opinions, even views of their homes, to create a digitally extended live performance, in a witty examination of the impact of new technology on human communication.