A Dog at a Feast written by Michelle Deines touches on the experience of women in theatre. An all female cast where men only live on the other end of the phone, some themes such as sex and success are hit head on, where others such as racism are tossed around only briefly with no depth offered. The play is done well but could go even further if developed into a full-length piece.

Maya is described as a starlet on a streak of luck, but is she sleeping her way to the top or does she have real...

Toronto-based playwrights Julie Cohn and Anjali Rai bring us the tale of the domestication of "Bears In The City". The sub-plot is a metaphorical experiment about the assimilation of a newcomer (Bear) into acquiring the socially acceptable behaviors of a citizen in their new confines. With the help of a seasoned trainer...of course.  Immigration maybe.

The struggle is finding a balance between dropping one's own innate or cultural characteristics, and picking up new ones to fit in. This play certainly has its moments of humour.  "Little Bear" is a wonderfully simple, mischievous, child-like character that...

Genre Definition = Funny · Silly

Staged at the Havana Theatre, this unusual show is created by a girl moving various illustrated transparencies above an overhead projector, while, with the other hand, manipulating 2-D figures (a form of shadow puppets, which are usually behind a screen) above the transparencies.   Only a few people sitting in the front row can see how this is done, so the focus of course is on what we see on the big screen.   The pictures are supported in two ways.   A second girl plays a guitar, with the audience supplying sounds (a hiss, engine...

Genre Definition = Funny · Weird · Musical

John Grady begins his one man show with electronic music that suggests an ominous theme. He appears side stage, momentarily spotlighted and then the main stage lights come on and Grady is centre stage ready to share snippets of his life, stating at elementary school and ending in New York City in his 30's. 

This beginning sets the stage for the concept that in telling his history he is trying to figure out how it defined him and how he had a part in its unfolding. Each segment has a common theme, that of bullying. The stories never...

Genre definition = Poetic · Intellectual · Intimate

Brought to you by Small Matters Productions is the clown-centric Fringe show Fools For Love. Best friends Rocket and Sheshells share an adjoining wall and hilarious adventures in this densely packed but sparsely decorated staging.  

A couple of chairs take us from lonesome apartments to the cinema, then a flight to a marauded picnic and on a roller coaster at the carnival all with fluid and unexpected transitions.  These clowns are a tight duo who can mix contemporary issues like body image problems and derelict mayors with all out snort laugh-inducing physical comedy.   

Fuses are blown and ninjas are bravely...

Genre Description = Funny · Warm and Fuzzy · Tear-Jerker

11 Questions for Executive Director David Jordan about 2013 Vancouver Fringe

Just last week I had the opportunity to meet with David Jordan on Granville Island and chat about this year’s festival. Due to the new office space, I went on a bit of a hunt to track him down working upstairs in a room filled with unpacked boxes. Though I had invited him for coffee, we ended up hanging out in his very busy office space (as he ate lunch which just means the Fringe is nearly here). Enjoy the conversation!

QUESTION ONE - What’s great about the 2013 Vancouver Fringe Festival?

Author Name: 
Allyson McGrane
Photograph Caption: 
David Jordan himself

Opening night of Legally Blonde at TUTS! So much pink onstage. #tuts

Elle Woods is trying on a new dress - queen of the sorority. "No, I love you guys!" #tuts #tutslegallyblonde

Off to dinner with Warner at Chez Amour. Elle is stunning in pink. But her boy is getting serious... and not the way she wants. #tuts

Breanne Arrigo as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

The Arts Club is bringing to the stage a holiday one-man show. Starring Ryan Beil as Crumpet, The Santaland Diaries offers one elf's experiences in the New York world of Macy's Santaland. And if you like your Christmas entertainment on the sarcastic side, this may just be for you.

Written by David Sedaris, The Santaland Diaries began as a radio essay read by the author on National Public Radio in 1992. An overnight sensation, it was the author's first big break and led to him continuing to share his diary entries with radio listeners monthly. The onstage version was...
Ryan Beil as the Macy's elf named Crumpet (photo by Tim Matheson)

Risk Everything, is a different story featuring R.J. (Sebastion Kroon) and Denise (Marisa Smith), the main characters from Problem Child. It is a little unclear as to when this story takes place as the question of their future with Christine is virtually dropped with a quick mention. As a self-contained story, it doesn’t really matter.


Suburban Motel

I admit it. It wasn’t easy to watch all six plays from George F. Walker’s Suburban Motel. The hotel room was hot, it was packed with people, and I was sweating in my seat. I love George F. Walker’s work but was I crazy? Had I gone insane? Why would anyone sit through this much theatre?

It kicked ass, that's why. It was worth every awkward adjustment.

Richard Stroh and Sean Tyson in Adult Entertainment, Photo by Wendy D Photography