body scan 2

battery opera performance + Par B.L.eux | Body-Scan 2

Kristina Lemieux
Body Scan 2

Scotiabank Dance Centre (Thursday, February 14)

Join us for CADA/BC Dance Response w/The Dance Centre following the performance…

Body-Scan 2 is choreographed and performed by Montreal’s Benoît Lachambre and battery opera’s Su-Feh Lee, two exceptional artists renowned for pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance with work that is fearless, intellectually rigorous and absorbing. Following on from their 2008 ensemble piece Body-Scan, this new duet explores the human body as a porous conduit through which our personal and collective history, memory and desires pass, and features images by New York photographer Robert Flynt and live music by Juno Award-winning musician and composer Jesse Zubot.