• “Do you want to be a nice guy piece of meat, or do you want to be an assassin?”

    Spiral Dive: clearly not one of the planes used in the production
  • You find yourself in a room with an endangered species. Is it a polar bear? No. A cougar? ...Maybe. Actually, it’s the Canadian female stand-up comic. Who’s Afraid of Tippy Seagram? is Zsa Zsa’s looks mixed with Ab Fab writing, and it works.

    Who's Afraid of Tippi Seagram? Not Team Plank - we like wildlife too
  • Every once in a blue moon, if you take enough chances with theatre that you know nothing about, you get to share some space with a performer who is quite obviously doing what he was put on Earth to do.

    The Spy nid 373
  • It’s Lenny Breau’s birthday. It’s also the last day of his life. We pass through 24 hours in 60 minutes  during this show and as day turns to night, the music feeds us Lenny’s life.

    The Last Gig of Lenny Breau nid 277
  • Have you ever broken up with someone nice and it was really awkward? This review, like that kind of breakup, is something I wish I didn’t have to do.

    Serenity Hawkfire nid 347
  • It is great to see that skillful, thought provoking and entertaining political theatre is alive and well in Canada. Doppelganger is inspired by how news items and photos of war and victims overlap in our minds, and horrifyingly lose meaning as we forget them or glance at them and look away.

  • For the record, I love political theatre and I love trees. Among what TJ Dawe would call my totem figures would be British political playwright Howard Brenton, who in my opinion writes precise, original, and brave plays.

    Old Growth, if he wants to bring a tree back to life, maybe he should plant one
  • One man, many bombs, space travel, and a young apprentice that will blow your socks (and everything else) right off your body. That is, of course, if you have a body left.

  • Wanted, If Not Wed, created by Toronto performer Jennifer Gillespie, is a play that delves into the reasons behind why women remain single either through circumstance or through personal choice.

    Wanted, if not wed
  • Seven Eleven. We've all been there. It is late at night and you get the urge to eat some bad food and drink excessive amounts of sugar water. Naturally, one of the first stores that pops into your mind is Seven Eleven.