• We meet lowly video store employee Elan on the day he’s got a shot to make store manager at mega-chain Bigbuster Video.  To graduate from blue worker cap to white management visor, Elan must first prove his knowledge by passing the ultimate movie trivia quiz.

    Just what it says on the package
  • Let me just say right off the bat, I think it's pretty great that you've got a bunch of buds that you like to hang out with and that you crack each other up when you're being all crazy and goofy together.

    Wok Hard: The Story of Stir Fried Crazy|
  • London Theatre Productions brings us the great detective Sherlock Holmes with a fresh twist!  Working closely with Doctor Watson, Holmes solves three crimes in Victorian London.

    Sherlock Holmes Indeed!
  • The audience at the performance of Mr Fox that I took in seemed to really enjoy it, which puzzled me slightly as I found it faintly dull.

    Mr Fox says "jump"
  • The premise is a good start.  This is a brother and sister rock and roll act. She's a recovering addict and he's immature.  They're in family therapy and practising their "I statements" to ensure "effective communications in the workplace": on stage in front of us. Which doesn't stop the incest theme....

    Die Roten Punkte - Super Musikant
  • A classic Greek drama, Antigone was written by the great dramatist Sophocles in 442 BC.  Three young women – Carmine Bernhardt, Vanessa Coley-Donohue and Linzi Voth – have recreated Antigone's tragic story from the recent adaptation by Ian Johnston.

  • Near the end of My Autopsy, Hamish Boyd, the writer and performer of this one man show, cries out: “Why am I putting myself through this?” It was a startling moment for me. The same thought had crossed my mind not twenty minutes earlier.

    My Autopsy
  • I know Daniel Packard is a talented comedian because I've seen him before.  At Pacific Contact in 2007 he managed to make a room full of senior (as in older) arts programmers actually look forward to the MC.

    Daniel Packard's Live Group Sex Therapy; you know what they say about bald men...
  • Phalex: GO SEE THIS SHOW!…for 5 minutes…then leave. Spoiler alert: Best joke: (spoken with a French dialect worthy of Inspector Clouseau) “Vancou-vair. When I say this word, my mouth makes the same shape as when I vomit.” It’s mostly downhill from there.

    As elsuive as Phalex - no image
  • Television sets, computer screens, tangled cords and bundles of wires adorned the stage.  Technology is ubiquitous - at least it was in the small theatre where The Mechanical Bride was playing.

    Mechanical Bride, technology will tear us apart again