Charles Ross, TJ Dawe, and Sev


Seven Eleven. We've all been there. It is late at night and you get the urge to eat some bad food and drink excessive amounts of sugar water. Naturally, one of the first stores that pops into your mind is Seven Eleven.

The small theatre behind Havana Restaurant plays host to Sev, the latest play by Charles Ross. You may remember Charles Ross from the famed One Man Star Wars and One Man Lord of the Rings. But with Sev, he's trying to do something different yet familiar. The story of Sev is a semi-autobiographical tale of a teenager working at Seven Eleven in Nelson, British Columbia. He is a typical teen struggling with romance and dealing with his place in the world. Less typical is his choice to survive by imagining himself a medieval warrior. By the end, he has created many characters from his manager to his best friend to loyal customers with a few fantasy sequences thrown in for good measure.

Do not miss this show. If you do, I will slaughter you all. Hy-yah-groo-aaaahhh-grrraaaaaahhhhh!

If you waaargghhnt mooooore inforrr-aahhhh-mationnnnnn go heearagh. You can arrrralso reeearraview.

By Shane Birley