• In Tow begins with writer/performer Bob Legare bursting forth from behind a curtain, portraying a thirteen year old boy who tells you all about “my little town” and the characters in it, where everything is normal and nothing happens.

    In Tow: those were the days
  • Exposure X 2 is billed as a program of two solo plays, but the first of the evening - Mrs. Sorken by Christopher Durang - serves more as an intro to Vancouver playwright Sally Stubbs' new one-woman piece Eyes.Two.

    Exposure x 2
  • After being fly-ered by a boisterous man in a banana suit the other day that was pitching his show The Banana Monologues, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. Usually I try to go in with an open mind and no expectations.

    The Banana Monologues; sometimes a banana's just a fruit
  • The phenomenal guitarist on stage (Ricardo Garcia) is clearly a master of flamenco, and he looks quite a bit like Lenin.  Not just any Lenin, though: a Lenin who studied in France instead of St. Petersburg, and who learned music instead of the twisted mix of law and revolution.

    Flamenco Flamenco!
  • Since the set for Balls! consists simply of a basketball hoop and a couple of backpacks containing some small props, the script for the play has to hold the weight of this show, and it does so most of the time.

  • There's something a little audacious about entering the Fringe with a dance piece. Dance tends to hang out over in its own corner of the art world, while theatre does its thing over in its own camp, and rarely the twain shall meet.

    The Green Zone
  • An offer of two shows in one. Dylan Kilgour and Jake Spencer each perform a 50-minute piece, luring you in with "pay for one, stay the second for free."

    Heist / Boys Night Out
  • Art is a bona fide international monster hit play.  Written in the early 1990s, its impressive pedigree includes a premiere in Paris followed by runs in London, New York, Berlin, Moscow, Madrid, Lima, Hong Kong, Prague and Stuttgart.

  • A Kiwi comedienne extraordinaire!  Resplendent in a hot pink gown, pink heels, pink sparkly eyeshadow and fiery red hair, MC Hot Pink will make you laugh and make you think.

    MC Hot Pink
  • I roared my pants off.  Come on, what isn’t inherently funny about a musical based on the supposed life and times of a medieval printing press inventor?

    Gutenberg! The Musical! so good she lost her pants