Doppelganger - untangling the web


It is great to see that skillful, thought provoking and entertaining political theatre is alive and well in Canada. Doppelganger is inspired by how news items and photos of war and victims overlap in our minds, and horrifyingly lose meaning as we forget them or glance at them and look away.

It tells the story of Adam Smith, a Canadian Oil staffer who has gone to the Middle East for his job, only to be kidnapped and tortured by terrorists who mistake him for a CIA operative who is responsible for the deaths and rapes of innocents.

That’s the simple story. What Doppelganger does is tangle a web and unweaves it in different directions, showing different perspectives and possibilities. While this sounds like it could be heavy handed, it’s a very dynamic piece, with great moments of physical humour, and throughout has inspired staging and use of technology. This play explores where Canada is accountable for unrest and hardship throughout the world, and perhaps this lies simply with being in the world. A smart and deftly written piece with strong actors and excellent direction, Doppelganger is exciting and provocative theatre.

For more information and to review the show check this out.

By Cathy Sostad