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The Winter’s Tale, currently in production at Studio 58, is supposed to be one of Shakespeare’s “problem” plays.

The problem being that it starts off like a tragedy and then about half way through turns into a pastoral comedy. This is only really a problem for librarians and system-obsessed academics. For anyone interested in theatre as performed text, The Winter’s Tale is an intriguing challenge. Personally, I think it’s one of Shakespeare’s attempts at synthesis, a conscious mixing of forms and, looked at this way, has a strangely contemporary feel to it; with its shifts of tone it...

Benjamin Elliot in Studio 58's The Winter's Tale, photo: David Cooper

Show Blog: offers and camping

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Christopher David Gauthier

PLANK takes you behind the scenes of Studio 58's upcoming production of The Winter's Tale. Here, we follow Christopher David Gauthier who is the set designer on the project, from the first offer to opening night. Stay tuned for more from Christopher...

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Christopher takes us behind the scenes.
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