Show Blog: back to the trees

Christopher David Gauthier continues with his behind the scenes look at Studio 58's upcoming production of The Winter's Tale.

FAST FORWARD So Been busy with props, building set, etc. Anita and I have met and moved the ideas around and trees re-emerged as the “backbone” of the set. But it’s all about journey. What serves the vision, the play, the specific production best.

It’s very freeing to not be precious about your ideas, but discard what isn’t working and find what does. And often you end up returning to where you started, but by a different route, so everything looks different.

Yes, we are back to trees, but the trees are now informed by the architectural explorations we have done.

Once you present you designs, turns out it’s just beginning. Consultations with technical director, production manager, costume and lighting designers.  It’s world-building by committee but actually more fun than it sounds. Their questions and suggestions inform yours and so on. It grows and changes. And slowly it begins to take on a life of its own.

And sometimes the simplest things stop you up, what’s the difference between a basket to put the baby in and a “baby basket”?

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Christopher David Gauthier
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Christopher David Gauthier