Show Blog: focus please!

We continue with our series of behind the scenes blogs of Studio 58’s upcoming production of The Winter’s Tale. This time we hear from Kevin Bennett who is Assistant Director on the project.

Today is cue-to-cue where we go through each lighting and sound cue with the actors in place on the stage. It is a very slow, but important process for creating each moment and make it specific.

Tech is one of my favourite times because it really feels like a play is being put on. The lights are beginning to create the focus on the stage. Lights really make the stage pictures dynamic and exciting for me. At this point in the process I am mostly working individual moments with the actors. Anita Rochon, the director, is really focusing on creating the lighting states with our lighting designer Jonathan Ryder, so she has given me some freedom to tweek individual moments with the actors.

Because we have to go over sections multiple times it's a good chance for actors to really dig deep and get to another level. I have been very lucky on this project because Anita has let me take various actors and groups of actors to work text clarification, block scenes, and coach actors. This type of freedom as an assistant director is rare. It’s been an amazing experience. I think the actors get a lot out of it too because there is never enough time to work scenes, so having another rehearsal room on the go has been really beneficial. As we continue on this week I will continue to work with clarification and watch for any moments I think need adjusting. After run-throughs I give my notes to Anita and will also pass any she wants me to, to the actors. It has been a really fun process for me as I continue to learn about the wonderful world of Shakespeare!

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Kevin Bennett
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Kevin Bennett