spoken word

“It doesn't remember who liked it... who didn't like it... it just remembers that it was”

Aux.La.More is an intimate storytelling and dance performance by Kara Nolte – and she has such a presence on stage. The way she tells her story and explains the way dance has allowed her to express herself is disarming and at the same time very comfortable.

I found myself wrapped up in the way she moved and tumbled and was marionetted on the dance floor – the way her suit jacket trailed behind her. She'd dance to a piece of music, and then she'd...

I'm a big fan of the site-specific shows. Since I loved The Elegant Ladies Collective's Eidola (the women from Shakespeare), I was pretty sure I'd like Peripeteia too. And I did.

The Elegant Ladies Collective was founded by Leslie Stark in 2014. For Peripeteia she has pulled together 12 (and this number is important, so pay attention) individual performances of “turning points”, added an opening context builder, a conclusion/epilogue, and a bit of audience participation. You get a variety of performances in a beautiful setting and some things to ponder.

The performances range from opera to improv dance...

"My human name is Callahan."

    - Callahan Connor (C-Command)

Let me start by saying that this man's beard is a work of art. It is not content to merely extend below his face but protrudes out in all directions, like the rays of a glorious furry sun.

Second off, I will say that I entered the theatre a little bit late. Connor's performance started...

While monologuist TJ Dawe has been called a ‘Fringe God’, performance poet Jem Rolls could easily be canonized as the Patron Saint of the Canadian Fringe circuit.  His rapid-fire delivery and word play calisthenics have become rituals for his devoted audience and for these loyal attendees, no introduction is necessary.  The show itself varies year to year, sometimes a series of unconnected poems and occasionally a long thematic piece.

Comedy, Satire, New Work

I did not know what to expect and had no reference from any previous experiences from the RC Weslowski body of work, but after the show and thinking of what I just saw (or did it happen?), such expectations could have ruined this wonderfully tripped out time.

The Wet Dream Catcher

He's back. Brit comic Rob Gee has returned to The Fringe with The Genghis Khan Guide to Etiquette a show having, in his own words, "nothing to do with Genghis Khan, and even less to do with etiquette".

Gee was a huge hit at last year's Fringe with his show Fruitcake - true tales from his time as a nurse in a psych ward. Although Khan may not be as good as his previous effort Gee is still a pleasure to see, and with word of mouth and rave reviews, he'll no doubt sell out the rest of his run....

Rob Gee