Aux.La.More – Communion and Dance

“It doesn't remember who liked it... who didn't like it... it just remembers that it was”

Aux.La.More is an intimate storytelling and dance performance by Kara Nolte – and she has such a presence on stage. The way she tells her story and explains the way dance has allowed her to express herself is disarming and at the same time very comfortable.

I found myself wrapped up in the way she moved and tumbled and was marionetted on the dance floor – the way her suit jacket trailed behind her. She'd dance to a piece of music, and then she'd stop and talk to us all, tell us a bit of a story, and go back to dancing. The end came too soon for me, I was mesmerized and then back out in the big blue ocean in a moment.

Kara did a beautiful job of addressing how people recover from loss and hardship, and how dance allows her to be vulnerable and expressive and to recover. It was melancholy, it was meaningful, it was personal, and I walked away from it feeling just a little bit more able to take on the world. One of those things that makes you feel soothed, like a massage or like watching a sunset.

I doubt I can do it justice – suffice it to say that I am very grateful to Nolte for coming out to Fringe this year to give us Aux.La.More.

By Kit Martens