I'm trying to think of a good comparison here. Windy Wynazz is – like a volcano of energy. Like a sexually obsessed teenager in hotpants. Like a lace-legged fire tornado.

When I walked into the theatre the first thing I saw were a pair of shapely legs in fishnet stockings bent over their owners' body in classic autofellatio pose, feet spilling over onto the first step of the audience gallery. The lady herself. She popped up from the floor like an excited emo fountain of nervous energy and showed people to the front rows – ushering people away from what she called...

Piaf and Brel is a one-woman show performed by internationally acclaimed vocalist Melanie Gall. While being seated behind individual cabaret-like tables, prepare to be taken away by the power and clarity of Melanie Gall’s incredible vocals.

She tells the interesting story of the life of the French singer Edit Piaf and the Belgian singer and songwriter Jacques Brel. Both are iconic musical figures and exceptional singers. Gall mixes the story of the two musicians with facts from her own biography, bringing the audience closer to her and her performance.

You are guaranteed to be taken away by the extreme professionalism and quality...

Melanie Gall

Holmes and Watson Save the Empire is a musical farce produced by First Impressions Theatre running in North Vancouver until March 16th. The writers Jahnna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner flew in from Oregon to direct the Canadian premiere of their script.

As advertised this is a genre piece, not for seriously intellectual Sherlock Holmes fans. The script is peppered with contemporary word play and the characters indulge in much pomp and silliness. The musical accompaniment is similarly tongue-in-cheek and for the most part the plot progresses with a light-hearted, energetic pace that will keep your feet tapping. The script was fun, but some of the refrains and dialogue became...

Damon Calderwood , Gordon Roberts in Holmes & Watson, photographer Ryan Crocker

Professor Stephen Heatley and accompanist Richard Link give a musical and personal lecture on a variety of topics: getting older, getting wiser, Thomas Mann novellas and the acceptance of shame through dance. It’s not the typical university lecture with fluorescent lights and squeaky desks but a calmer, more living room type lecture. That is, more of a scholastic cabaret.


Bad Day to be a Juggler will not teach you to juggle – but it will shed a light on why someone would want to become a juggler even though as he says “when you Google juggler – it autocorrects to unemployed”.

Comedy, Cabaret, Stand-Up, Improv, All Ages

Sadie Goldstein (aka “Knitting Nell”) invites us into her wartime knitting group.  (Got your knitting?  It’s strongly encouraged.  Don’t worry if you can’t bring your own, Sadie may just have a scarf or two in her little basket that you can work on.)

Musical Theatre, Cabaret, Opera, All Ages

So, lets talk about

Most people find the subject of sex difficult to discuss about because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Subjects like sexual orientation other than heterosexual, masturbation and other sub-categories also make people shy and have trouble to speak out loud.

Comedy, Cabaret, Performance Art -

God is a Scottish Drag Queen. This is something that those of us with Scottish backgrounds have known for secretly for a long time.  The title might conjure up images of a young Allan Cummings in knee high boots and flashing eyes lashes.

Comedy, Cabaret, Stand-Up, Monologue -

A washed-up cabaret performer gets ready for his comeback only to find in his dressing room a reporter. The interview ensues and the audience watches as this original tale written and performed by Bremner Duthie takes his has-been character and shows the reporter and viewers what kind of an artist this man had been.

Whiskey Bars: a Kabarett with Songs of Kurt Weill