Windy Wynazz: Rich and Famous – Sinful, Flamboyant, Catastrophically Entertaining

I'm trying to think of a good comparison here. Windy Wynazz is – like a volcano of energy. Like a sexually obsessed teenager in hotpants. Like a lace-legged fire tornado.

When I walked into the theatre the first thing I saw were a pair of shapely legs in fishnet stockings bent over their owners' body in classic autofellatio pose, feet spilling over onto the first step of the audience gallery. The lady herself. She popped up from the floor like an excited emo fountain of nervous energy and showed people to the front rows – ushering people away from what she called the nosebleed section. She got a white-haired gentleman to help stretch her right leg in a sort of halfway version of her original pose. She gave the man next to me the privilege of stretching the other leg. He didn't seem to know his way around legs very well – he squeezed rather than pressing her calf. It was very cute, he blushed.

But I digress! Windy Wynazz herself started life as an ugly duckling – teased by the other children for her gross last name - “Gross”. She tried to get into music but was “X”'d off American Idol by Nelson Mandela – a tragedy to be sure. But a deal with the devil – complete with what I can only assume was pleasurable cunnilingus (hard to tell but there was moaning and giggling things I can not un-experience) – brought with it the meteoric rise of Windy Wynazz, the Rich and Famous!

She sings, she dances, she gives sticky-note based self help advice! She takes the audience hostage and does an incredible cabaret routine around a miniature chair with so much leg she may as well be an octopus!

By the end of the performance there were wigs, barbie doll heads, sticky notes, articles of clothing and a devil mask strewn across the stage. Windy Wynazz: Rich and Famous was a great performance: really fun, really sexual in an easy-to-get-into-easy-to-laugh-at sort of way – really over the top tongue stuff – I don't know how to explain it but it was like watching a teenager have a drop-out-of-highschool two year meltdown on stage over the course of an hour and it was fucking awesome. I loved it.

By Kit Martens