Two Blondes with a Passion Do Death in Venice - A Scholastic Cabaret


Professor Stephen Heatley and accompanist Richard Link give a musical and personal lecture on a variety of topics: getting older, getting wiser, Thomas Mann novellas and the acceptance of shame through dance. It’s not the typical university lecture with fluorescent lights and squeaky desks but a calmer, more living room type lecture. That is, more of a scholastic cabaret.

Heatley, a tenet of Canadian theatre and local educator at a “very important Canadian university”, has an ease of conversation that slides easily into song. Link is right behind him with the same carefree tone flittering at the keyboard and producing some wonderful accompaniment.

It’s a meander through the thoughts and life of a man who’s gotten a little bit older, but his talent certainly has not. At times the story and songs wander into sentimental corners, such as projected home videos even a sing-along rendition of the song, “Honey”, but the audience was duly warned we might find ourselves in these tender spots and frankly it was lovely to be there with Heatley and Link. I felt quite well cared for.

They may no longer be the Blondes they were and their passions may not boil as much as they used to, but these too still know how to put on a great show.

By Josephine Mitchell