jayson mcdonald

My first question going into this production was, "is this about Mars?" The answer to this question did not disappoint. It is about Mars.

It follows a father and daughter on a long road trip to Olympus Mons on a recently colonized Mars. The father (played by Mark Nocent) tells the daughter (played by Valerie Cotic) the story of the first two astronauts to come to the red planet, Strider and Magic (also played by Nocent and Cotic). The story itself is really well put...

Jayson McDonald just might be the busiest man at this year's Fringe.

He's performing in two shows: Celebrity Cult, an hour long two-hander and Gun Powder, his solo show. Last night he performed them back to back. That can't be easy - but he sure made it look that way.

Jayson has brought Gun Powder to Victoria before as part of last spring's Uno Fest where it was a big hit. It's a welcome return - McDonald is a perennial
Fringe favorite, starring in noteworthy solo shows Giant Invisible Robot, Boat Load and Fall Fair. That's an impressive resumé....

Gun Powder

Writer/actor Jayson McDonald gets shot through the heart, flips the bird at who’s to blame, then, as detective Thom Phox, sets about cracking the case. So goes Gunpowder the very first show of this year’s Uno Fest, and it goes pretty well.

Jayson McDonald