tj dawe

TJ Dawe’s autobiographical one-man, Lucky 9, show gets stronger with each passing minute. He draws together seemingly random and disjointed anecdotes from his childhood, school and his adult life into an artful voyage of discovery about personality types and what it takes to transcend them.

TJ Dawe

Inveterate monologuist TJ Dawe returns from a Fringe sabbatical with his newest show Lucky 9, though something seems different this year. Notorious for his rapid fire, scattershot diatribes on any number of interwoven topics, Dawe usually comes across like Jerry Seinfeld on speed. In this instance the topics on hand include parenting, personality tests, addiction and HBO’s hit crime drama The Wire, though the most noteworthy theme weaving betwixt all his anecdotes and observations is the developments in the performer’s life over the previous year.

TJ has evolved