Whenever I go to a one man show I am always a bit worried. In my opinion the play and the act has to be exceptional in order for one man to keep your attention throughout. This was not a problem for Brent Hirose acting as Alex in Sea Wall.

Alex tells you the story of his life and love for his wife and daughter. He talks about love for his wife in such a romantic and beautiful way that leaves you admiring such a relationship. He describes his most profound feeling for their daughter, making you see what it means to be...

There’s an obvious choice of word that comes to mind when you hear “the F word”.

It’s the polite stand-in for an expression of profanity, although the full range of this word’s meanings and uses are substantially more diverse. As far as connotations of the word go, it’s very useful. But it’s far from being the most expressive, exciting, or meaningful "F" word in the English vocabulary. Through well-integrated and interspersed PowerPoint slides, playwright and performer Yvette Dudley-Neuman introduces and unravels the definitions of some of the more overlooked "F" words, exploring their significance through the life of...

We've all done stupid, stupid things. That’s how learning happens. MacLeod’s cosy set delivered in discrete acts highlighting different lessons learned in self-regulation, thematically reinforced by the musical number, courtesy of the Heartbreakers. I Had Sex Until My Heart Stopped is well-choreographed and tastefully lit.

A monologue starting from a cozy set more than a little reminiscent of Zach Galifianakis's Between Two Ferns, MacLeod relays the possibly questionable decisions made in the throes of youthful exuberance and under the influence of… many, many things. Each vignette has an epithetic moral that brings laughs, knowing head nods and sounds of recognition from the...

Cameron MacLeod

Multi-multi term politician Kimberly White White (Priscilla Yakielashek) has returned to the Manitoba riding where she was first elected to give an address and share the “real story” of her rise from the daughter of a white trash criminal (“We weren’t trailer trash, trailers weren’t fast enough for Daddy. We were someone else’s Chevy trash”) to Prime Minister of Canada and ultimately the first Canadian President of the United States of North America.

It is 2084 and the countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico have created the corporate invention of the United States of North America, it only...

Comedy, Monologue

“Zero Tolerance” is a highly autobiographical piece performed and written by Bárbara Selfridge looking at caregiving, disability and family. Selfridge’s narrative weaves between various points in the past and various characters in her family. She speaks directly to the audience and leaves the house lights up thereby breaking down the fourth wall. There is no escaping what she wants to tell us.

Selfridge wants to tell us that having a family is hard and it sucks and sometimes people don’t or can’t do what they want to or should do. The narrative is well constructed and at times touching...

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When Missie walked on to the stage I saw a shy woman, slight build and…well…the silver onsie is hard to ignore. But then she spoke and I was captivated by her confidence and poise. Missie is a spoken word poet, so this performance is, as you would expect, a collection of spoken word poems. She ties them all together with a suitcase filled with dates, both in the future and the past. She speaks about her religious upbringing, sneaking her dad’s sci-fi books as a kid and how this all tied in to her vision of what today should look...

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Randy Rutherford is an accomplished artist and has made great contributions to many fringe festivals, including the Vancouver Fringe Festival in past years.

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If opening night is anything to go by, Cameryn Moore already has a loyal Vancouver following.  Many I talked to loved her Phone Whore  2011 Fringe show.  

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This show features a monologue by Chris Wakaluk in the Origins Coffee Shop about 55 minutes in length. When I first sat in the audience, I was distracted by the fabulous smell of coffee (and wishing that I had a cup).  I noticed a slip of paper on each seat – I picked mine up.


So – here is my Fringe prediction. James Gangl will win your heart with his charming, funny and oddly innocent ways. If I was single, I'd be looking this man up for a good time. (In fact, I may just do so anyway... sorry honey.)

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