The “F” Words – Fun and Fiery

There’s an obvious choice of word that comes to mind when you hear “the F word”.

It’s the polite stand-in for an expression of profanity, although the full range of this word’s meanings and uses are substantially more diverse. As far as connotations of the word go, it’s very useful. But it’s far from being the most expressive, exciting, or meaningful "F" word in the English vocabulary. Through well-integrated and interspersed PowerPoint slides, playwright and performer Yvette Dudley-Neuman introduces and unravels the definitions of some of the more overlooked "F" words, exploring their significance through the life of fat, forty, female, Facebook addicted, Greek Francis.  

Dudley-Neuman’s beautifully woven one woman show preaches a familiar message of self-acceptance – be free and be yourself, you are enough – but in a brand new multi-faceted way. The play comes complete with alliterative narration, educational slides, sing-along songs, and multi-character scene enactments. Throughout the play Francis manages her fears of failure, success, death, loneliness, and, the worst of them all, beige.  

Dudley-Neuman’s performance is intimately relatable. The “F” Words is an F-ing great play and the perfect show to catch at the Fringe this year! It’s vividly insightful, upliftingly musical, and educationally punny. Go with your BFF or your mom. I guarantee you’ll come away laughing and with an expanded vocabulary.

By Sonja Cvoric