I Had Sex Until My Heart Stopped — Or, 12 Steps to Mastering Your Johnson

Cameron MacLeod

We've all done stupid, stupid things. That’s how learning happens. MacLeod’s cosy set delivered in discrete acts highlighting different lessons learned in self-regulation, thematically reinforced by the musical number, courtesy of the Heartbreakers. I Had Sex Until My Heart Stopped is well-choreographed and tastefully lit.

A monologue starting from a cozy set more than a little reminiscent of Zach Galifianakis's Between Two Ferns, MacLeod relays the possibly questionable decisions made in the throes of youthful exuberance and under the influence of… many, many things. Each vignette has an epithetic moral that brings laughs, knowing head nods and sounds of recognition from the near-capacity crowd. MacLeod has an engaging, confident style that brings an audience along. I certainly recognized the form of his tales, even as the specifics differ. The show’s pacing and energy suited the room and the audience, who seemed to provide the energy and atmosphere required to fuel any artist’s transcendence from concept to performance.

An immensely enjoyable romp through the pitfalls of early adulthood, I Had Sex is sure to have a successful run. Breaking the fourth wall at one point, MacLeod’s conversational style dovetailed nicely with the material, and I felt pleased to see his efforts to fine-tune this inaugural performance.

Go see him. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll nod in recognition of the irony of good ideas at the time turning into anecdotes for the lives we all build, one hilarious mistake after another.

By Bruce M. Campbell