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Naked Love is a new work created by and starring locals, Tiffany Anderson and Cory Haas. Billed as an “unapologetic look at two twentysomethings navigating through their first adult relationship” it is a story about two unhappy and cynical people, both rebounding from failed relationships as they try to discover the meaning of love.

The show advertises itself as being naughty and risqué and is rated as not appropriate for minors … I’m not sure why. I must admit I misunderstood and thought I was embarking on an intimate show about sexuality and love. The misleading advertising led to disappointment. I found...

Genre Definition = Naughty · In Your Face · Intimate

For this piece created by Liesl Lafferty, essentially a 45-minute walking tour of Granville Island (which you can take at any time between 5pm and 9pm Monday to Friday and between Noon and 9pm on weekends), you are handed a map, a small mp3 player and headphones and are guided by the new “voices inside your head” replacing the ones that are regularly in there.  It is an interesting concept, one that I think might have some appeal, though perhaps not as part of a Fringe Festival.

Having spent much time here, I did find it interesting...
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This campy fun site specific show will make you laugh without feeling the guilt you get from watching Toddlers and Tiaras or Honey boo boo. Make your way over to the Playground next to the Water Park on Granville Island and be prepared to be transported to an out of this world Beauty Pageant.  First you will need to get comfortable and find a seat on the concrete curved walls – (the front row is more comfortable if you have long legs) – although I am sure by the end of the Fringe this show will have a row or...

Comedy, New Work, All Ages

As a comment on the vacuous nature of the rock and roll lifestyle in the 60s and 70s and how dumb people look when they’ve done too many drugs, this show does a great job. Unfortunately that concept was eloquently communicated in the preshow slideshow. The content of the live performance consisted of about three jokes (usually involving lots and lots of sex and lots of lots of drugs) repeated over and over and over again for the next hour. The music was pretty good. The content was two-dimensional. I like my satire with a bit more wit.


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I have to say, I was a bit concerned when I was going in to this one. How the heck is one woman going to play seven different people without losing the audience entirely? Right from the first scene when the first wife falls in to Purgatory I was entranced.

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Intrusion is presented by anima theatre – a Vancouver theatre company aiming to bridge the gap between University and Professional Theatre.  Company Co-Founder Veronique West has penned Intrusion and directs her Co-Founder Afshin Haidari and three time Jessie Richardson Award winning actress Wendy Noel in this production at the Carousel Theatre.

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While God wrote the Bible to share his story, Satan, to disclose his side of things, decided to star in his own theatre production. Produced by Punctuate! Theatre, “An Evening with Satan” is a charming cocktail discussion (sans your own cocktail, which is a shame) with The Fallen Angel himself.

New Work

Presented by Not My Cup of Theatre Productions, Smudge is an original new play created by writer/directors Kazz Leskard and Jennica Grienke with support from producer Emmelia Gordon. Starring a group of four Studio 58 grads (Sara Andrina Brown, Joy Castro, Kazz Leskard and Caitlin McCarthy), Smudge is happening at the Ocean Concrete Maintenance Building on Granville Island.

New Work

"'Tis a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Macbeth. Act 5, scene 5

We gather by the sculpture garden behind the Granville Island False Creek Gym. We’re here to learn of the history made at this place. Or not.

Comedy, Drama, New Work

Produced by a company called Me, Myself and I, this show is precisely as advertised in its fairly brief show description. A one-woman show with four characters, we meet multiple generations of women in one family who have some divergent issues with their respective chests.

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