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ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The 2013 Talk of the Fringe Award goes to You Killed Hamlet, with an honourable mention to Aletheia. As you may know, the winners get a $500 credit from - terribly useful for their future endeavours. This year, we are very excited that the #plankbuzz was used by Fringers to help us choose the winner and we have more plans for this lovely hashtag in the future.


Presented by 1265 Productions, Writer's Block is a new script written and directed by Nathaniel Roy. The show is 40 minutes in length featuring three actors. Its description is: "A Canadian soldier, an Afghan insurgent, and an Afghan civilian must write letters on convalescences after an "act of god" takes the lives of their families." 

Pretty straightforward, right? And it is. We know from the beginning that two characters are siblings of the soldiers who were killed. We understand that they are struggling with accepting what has happened and their seemingly assigned task to write a letter home to their respective...

Genre Definition = Intense · Intellectual

"Unpossible!": Rarely do I ever permit myself to be so willingly deceived. Perhaps so far as to say, "visually violated." Travis Bernhardt's magic and illusion show lives up to its title, or, as he would have prefer, the bar has been lowered for this show.

Bernhardt's slow and methodical style encourages the crowd to follow along yet still leaves engaged audience members enraptured. Wait until the ending when he does this thing, and then another thing, before, somehow, his demonstration wraps...

Genre Definition = Funny · Intellectual · All Ages

The lighting was basic and the stool was black
In Studio 16 that night.
There's a man in shorts and a T-shirt on stage
Telling his story just right. 
There was evil early on and there was triumph by and by
And a film actor made his stage debut.
Oh and we heard about his childhood and all the things that were hard

Genre Definition = Funny · Intense · Poetic

It was very dark as we were led down the path towards what I could only have assumed was the stage. I hadn’t the foggiest idea what Meanwhile was about since the play I was supposed to check out had canceled on me. I wandered over to the next theatre tent where I knew Allyson would be standing, waiting for her show to begin.

“Looks like no porn for me tonight. The show is canceled today. I will have to pick it up tomorrow.” I said. 

“We can see Meanwhile together. They allow a maximum of two people per show....

Genre definition = Silly · Intense · Intimate

I walked into the darkish theatre of the Culture Lab (at the The Cultch in East Vancouver) about ten minutes early and I was slightly peckish. Five o’clock shows can do that to you when you’re just arriving from your place of employment and it can leave you lean and ready to review.

“Don’t lie to me, just give me the straight goods,” I wanted to say to the few people littered about the audience. “I want to learn something and be entertaining about it!”

I shook off the short hunger pangs and got into character. I was there to...

Genre definition = Undefined

Waiting for a performance to begin is normally a solo affair. If you are lucky to have other people you know with you, the experience becomes somewhat less fulfilling. For me, anyway. Of course, don’t get me wrong, I like it when my friends attend the theatre with me. It is a far too rare occasion these days. But I also enjoy a good, singular think - and most of the time, a dark and reasonably quiet theatre is a great place for it. I like the feeling of having found my seat and, while I look at the...

Genre definition = Naughty · Intellectual · Intimate

It's That Time - What Show Will Be TALK of the Fringe?!?!?!

Allyson McGrane
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Just a quick reminder, Plank Magazine sponsors the Talk of The Fringe Award! With this award, we recognize the show that generates the most online and in-person buzz (and displays the best marketing savvy). Whatever show wins gets a $500 print credit from!

As previously explained, YOU can help us decide which deserving Fringe show should receive this awesome award!

How you ask? Well, just use the hashtag #plankbuzz.

When I first read the flyer I thought that a life changing on the flip of a dime story would be a morose journey fueled by emotion and probably unashamedly highlighting a few taboo subjects along the way. So as I settled in for what I thought would be a less than humorous play, you can imagine my surprise when the stage erupted with the charismatic and charming Megan Phillips. Watch out - she performs a one-woman all singing all dancing upbeat and funky rendition of how a spilt second changed her life! I speak about her as if she...

Drama, Musical Theatre, Monologue, New Work -

A young starlet, her controlling mother, a very much younger sister and a whole slew of other fame related cling ons tell the story of how when the glitter wears off it's really hard to keep reality and fiction separated. 

This may sound like a story you have heard so so so many times and for all intense and purposes it is, it's Hollywood, every starlet has the peaks and troughs of fame and fortune, I bet you can name at least three off the top of your head? So why should you come and see this show?
Comedy, Satire, New Work