Talk of the Fringe & Yet More Fringe Shows

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Allyson McGrane
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ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The 2013 Talk of the Fringe Award goes to You Killed Hamlet, with an honourable mention to Aletheia. As you may know, the winners get a $500 credit from - terribly useful for their future endeavours. This year, we are very excited that the #plankbuzz was used by Fringers to help us choose the winner and we have more plans for this lovely hashtag in the future.

NEXT UP!!! The Public Market Pick of the Fringe shows were revealed on Sunday, so if you missed any of these fine performances you will have another chance to catch them! Get out and see In The Boudoir, 6 Guitars, Unpossible!, The Adversary or Hockey Night at the Puck and Pickle Pub. These shows are happening at either Performance Works and the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre (details on Vancouver Fringe website). 

You can also catch Pick Plus shows - five great shows selected by the Fringe. Check out Brief Encounters 20 (featuring Fringe artists), Big Shot, Jake's Gift and not one but two fabulous Peter'n'Chris shows! Many of us at Plank are definitely going to be at these performances - not to be missed.