In court masques designed by Inigo Jones in the seventeenth century, Charles I, King of England, enjoyed a perspectival vision that could be seen properly only from the king’s seat.

Flattered by this artistic creation, the king thought he was the center of the universe and clung to his divine right to rule in the face of revolution, eventually losing his head on the scaffold. This bare-bones historical tale suggests...

MACHiNENOiSY's Open Spaces Project

For me one of the great pleasures of spending time in Vancouver is the city’s contemporary dance scene. It’s a hidden gem in the Canadian cultural landscape.

But lately I’m starting to wonder. Years after modern ballet has peaked and waned in Europe, the genre seems to be sweeping over Vancouver, putting the city’s dance community in a kind of modernist time warp. By the looks of it, local coverage of the scene (minimal as it is) has tended to celebrate what I consider to be a bit of a monstrosity, a dance-regression creature from the crypt (hey it’s...

Laura Hicks in He was swimming the other way, photo: Chris Randle

In Sara Coffin’s Dropped Signal, the set is made up of about eight weighted helium balloons on strings. Below them, two dancers (Jennifer Clarke and Sara Coffin) roll and move in low light.

When they stand, open and loosely balanced, they echo the slightly swaying, floating balloons, an impression that is reinforced later in the piece when faces and other images are projected onto the balloons. Like the dancers’ gentle presences, the balloons and the images projected on them are beautiful.  Are they thought bubbles? worlds? windows?  For me they evoked both the way the mind can be...

He was swimming the other way by MachineNoisy part of Dance in Vancouver