Every 29 years or so Saturn travels around the sun and returns to the same place in the sky that it was at the moment of your birth. The first Saturn Return is said to make the transition from youth to adulthood. The second return brings maturity to our lives. The third return is the transition to the wisdom of the golden years.

Nine women enter the stage one at a time and each shares her personal tale of transition, change, challenge and growth at the...

My question is, why isn't everyone clamouring to see this show? Last week I knew nothing about Theatre Terrific.  Today I want to make sure I see everything they ever produce. 

Performed at the Vancouver Japanese United Church, Portraits is a beautiful ensemble piece that examines what makes us all unique and in doing so exposes how similar we all really all.
In almost any other context, the format (members of the ensemble coming forward, introducing themselves, explaining their self-drawn portrait and sharing a snippet of their history) might get tiresome.  However, this group of individuals approach the...

Genre definition = Weird · Musical · Poetic

The play Fractured by Seacoast Studios looks at the aftermath of a school shooting. Nine adolescents who have survived a school shooting sit together and discuss what happened, how they were affected, why the shooter did it, facts about school shootings, and more. 

I am curious as to whether this play is completely scripted, or allows some improvisation. The conversation among the nine actors flowed naturally. They inhabited their characters and conversed as them. When I have seen this done on film, improvisation is usually part of the magic. 

I find it difficult to listen to scenes of murder, desperation, and...

Genre Description = Intense