Saturn Returns – Talented Women Bravely Share Personal Life Changing Stories With So Much Laughter

Every 29 years or so Saturn travels around the sun and returns to the same place in the sky that it was at the moment of your birth. The first Saturn Return is said to make the transition from youth to adulthood. The second return brings maturity to our lives. The third return is the transition to the wisdom of the golden years.

Nine women enter the stage one at a time and each shares her personal tale of transition, change, challenge and growth at the time of her Saturn Return.  Stories of grief, triumph, discovery, love, sex, and loss provide so much laughter. Stories range from finding your path to being a Funeral Director Comedian, choosing improv instead of therapy, seeing your life through the eyes of your garden gnome or landing your first commercial with a monkey. Some of the stories are more developed than others and at times I did find it difficult to hear a couple of the performers. Each of these talented woman bravely shares personal life changing moments in an intimate, humorous, and touching manner that will take you on an emotional ride from Saturn Return to Saturn Return.

I was a bit disappointed that the Special Guest performance by Ellie Harvie was actually a voiceover. A voiceover that was often hard to hear due to the audience’s laughter and applause. It is worth your while strain your ears a bit and listen to Harvie’s voiceover between performers as it is pretty funny in itself.

I would highly recommend this show. It will take you to a place where you see and can laugh about your own life transitions as Saturn Returns.

By Jason T. Broadfoot