The Abyss Burrow is a one-woman show that takes you through the walls of a well into the memories a young woman’s life. Through music, interpretive dance and monologue, writer and performer, Vanessa Quesnelle weaves together a great piece of theatre.


I looked this play up, because I know Lanford Wilson is famous and successful and I was certain that I was missing a really important piece of contextual information that would make the reason for performing this piece evident and everything would fall into place. From Wikipedia all I got was a lot of “it is implied that…” which, yes, I gathered from watching the play. Other reviews were less than helpful. I just feel like this story lacks context. It was one of his earlier plays, perhaps this is why it felt so... something. Emo? It felt like a...

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Storyteller Jeff Culbert is on the road and unleashing his own brand of poetic justice to avenge the deaths of “The Black Donnellys”.

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To begin my review for this play I decided to go on to Free Theatre Radical’s website and take a look at what others had to said. There are some amazing reviews on there, about their last play. Sadly I think Utopia fell short of the acclaims for Free/Fall from 2010.

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I have no idea how to review this performance for you. But go see it immediately, seriously right now, go book your ticket! It will sell out every night. Your group begins to gather by the tent, at this point everyone is already watching their bags. The paranoia begins, your heart rate increases.

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This new play by Morag Haysom endeavors to bring forth an alternate to the accepted assumption that Vincent Van Gogh’s death was a suicide. Haysom’s narrative draws us into the troubled mind of Vincent Van Gogh, who, having always felt he was living in the shadow of his namesake, his brother Vincent who died at birth, fell into an ever increasingly restless life of loose hours and looser women, and, descended into mental illness, his angry self-righteousness alienating him and eventually leading him to self-mutilation and the loss of his ear.


Intrusion is presented by anima theatre – a Vancouver theatre company aiming to bridge the gap between University and Professional Theatre.  Company Co-Founder Veronique West has penned Intrusion and directs her Co-Founder Afshin Haidari and three time Jessie Richardson Award winning actress Wendy Noel in this production at the Carousel Theatre.

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Bravo to this writer/director and the wonderful group of actors for creating a lovely understated piece of theatre. This play is about the microcosm of life that takes place every day in the Net Loft on Granville Island and appropriately is performed in the Net Loft space.  Kudos to whoever worked to make that happen, not easy but the result is a really good one.

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Simply put, it rises to the challenge of saying something profound about Death and the experience is both heart wrenching and comforting. John Grady lays it out for you, he helps us understand what to do, or rather how to be, when someone is dying and then he gets on with it. He takes on perhaps the greatest task of loving in our lives, which is being supportive and selfless for someone else at the very end.

Mr. Grady says the rest so very well I won’t go into my interpretation but will say he does it simply and efficiently....

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Mark Cherniack the playwright/actor is enamoured with the stories and characters he has written about, as is demonstrated by his treatment of each one with great care and sympathy. He worked with these client/patients at the retirement homes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes for over 15 years and is obviously paying homage to their memory every time he steps onto the stage to perform this piece. So he knows the subjects and material of the piece intimately, maybe too intimately.

We would probably all agree that getting old sucks. We see that the elderly are frequently treated as children,...