I really don't know what was going on for most of Mikhail Tank's The Power of Rejection. At the beginning he related a Greek legend, and then an anecdote from a personal experience, and I figured that the show would be more of that. I could have been fine with more of his stories, because he seemed very comfortable delivering them. But after the second story the show turned into a weird-musical spoken word fusion with very little structure or objective. For thirty minutes I watched Tank wander around, mostly far upstage, relating knee-deep parables about rejection into a microphone....

Multicultural, Drama, Musical Theatre, All Ages http://www.darksoultheatre.com/

Let's get two things out of the way, first: Parczew 45 (pronounced par-chev) is well worth your time and money. Second: I don't normally like plays like this. I'm kind of tired of the the morally indignant citizen hunting down the war criminal and forcing said evil person to confront his crimes against humanity.

It's a tired trope that I could do without. But Parczew 45 put a fresh spin on what has, lately, become a tired cliché, and offered a solid hour of entertainment. Playwright and director Michael C. Nachoff even threw some curveballs in that I didn't see...


What is the fringe festival all about? The fringe in my mind is about bringing a piece of work that is not mainstream. It is something that causes the audience to be part of the experience. It is simple and it is interactive.

Is this production a real fringe experience? Yes, it is. It is also my pick of the Fringe.

We marched down Commercial Drive like elementary kids on an outing to Katrina and Richard's apartment. Katrina and Richard were kind (and intrigued) enough to let the Fringe Festival, the audience and Plank Magazine come over to their...


“First Day Back” tackles the complex situation a school and its students face when one of the students takes their life due to bullying. Rob Salerno, creator/performer, delivers the thoughts and feelings of the teacher who started a safe space after school and the six teenagers who came to reflect. 

Salerno also introduces us to Ollie. Ollie approached his first day of high school with the hope that this year if he was just himself, gay, a hopeful pop-singer and fashion lover, he would be accepted and maybe even popular. Alas despite the recent support online for bullied gay teens...

Drama, Queer, Monologue, New Work - http://www.tenfootpole.ca/

Underbelly is by far my favorite show I’ve seen yet at the Fringe (and I’ve seen a lot so far). It’s an unforgettable performance inspired by the hallucinatory semi-biographical story of novelist junkie essayist homosexual wife-shooting literary exterminator and frequent defendant William S. Burroughs.

Drama, New Work

I tend to like political drama, so The Troubles gets an automatic +1 magic boost from me. This one-woman show by Stephanie Henderson is all about “the Troubles” of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. She ambitiously plays a number of characters, trying to show what motivates everyone from the Molotov Cocktail-throwing thug to an old man who has seen the violence and laments his helplessness, to the eight-year old girl who has already made up her mind to seek vengeance for her blown-up brother and mother. The characters certainly give a broader perspective, even if each of them is a...

Drama, Multimedia, Monologue, New Work - http://www.resoundingscreamtheatre.com/

Brace yourself for 90 minutes of awareness raising and emotion wrenching from Burnt Thicket theatre. Because this drama addresses an issue that’s a matter of life and death for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide we are asked to watch, to listen and to take action.

Drama - http://www.shehasaname.net

A site-specific show at Circle Point starting at 8:30 pm is a stunningly beautiful location. There is a circle of eight trees and four benches – and a backdrop of water and Vancouver downtown skyline. It's a quiet retreat from the hum of the city on a Friday night as the sun is beginning to set. A small audience gathers to watch two young women perform in Love You Until.

With this new show written by Sylvie LaRiviere and directed by Wren Handman, Noble Porpoise Theatre is revisiting the Fringe after last year's Hero Vs. Sidekick. The show's main gimmick...

Comedy, Drama, Queer, New Work http://www.nobleporpoisetheatre.webs.com/

“When she finds someone in the tide, her universe is forever changed…”

I was very excited to go and see this show as it is in a new venue on Granville Island Alder Bay Bridge. This is the bridge behind the False Creek Community centre on the far side of the children’s playground, I am telling you this so you know where to go when you get your ticket from the box office, there are no signs or indication it is there until you find it, in my case a few minutes after the show had started (and a couple...

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Over here, over there, no over here, now over there. Using plug-in lights on the stage, a few props and their bodies, the cast of Grey Matter flick through the memories of an old woman suffering with Alzheimer’s as experienced by her granddaughter. 

I found myself judging the non-linear style, exasperated by clips from a childhood story, jumbled names that seemed to contradict previous plot lines and scared by the screaming. And then it hit me, perhaps it will hit you sooner, that’s what they want you to feel. Shoot me a line when you figure out why. I...