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As a big fan of both Grease movies back in the day, I was thrilled to be able to review Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society’s latest production Greece Does Grease. While I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the all-too-familiar Grease songs (with slightly reworked lyrics), I have to admit that I felt like a naughty little kid sneaking into see the movie Mum and Dad banned you to watch when you were at school. And I loved it!

Greece Does Grease tells the classical Greek story of Persephone, the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, who falls in love with Hades,...

Miss Fit in Greece Does Grease

In Conversation with: April O'Peel

Greece Does Grease is a new mainstage burlesque show from the co-producers of last year’s smash hit SHINE: A Burlesque Musical. Greece Does Grease reaches back deep into the history of burlesque for inspiration while providing a contemporary parody of the Grease musicals. I chatted with Lauren Allen (aka April O’Peel), the show’s choreographer, about the production which opens October 7 at the Waterfront Theatre.

Andrew: So, Lauren, or should I say April, which do you prefer?  

April: April please! 

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Andrew Templeton
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Greece Does Grease: Cass King and Melody Mangler are Olympussians