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Kitimat – Mostly Exposition

I love staged readings, they're pure. Just the words and the actors and the audience. No distractions or fancy staging, no pomp and circumstance. Staged readings really let you see a play bare, stripped of all pretension. 

Kitimat by Elaine Avila is about the aforementioned town's reaction to a proposed pipeline. It reads more like a dramatized debate than a story. An argument based on pathos without facts, or detailed anecdotes to support it. 

There are some beautiful human moments in the flash backs where we...

By Colleen Ann Fee
Directed by Tammy Bentz
After Love, Life is a play in progress by Advance Theatre: New Works by Women.

The title instantly attracted me. I am just starting to live after years of paralysis after the end of a 25-year marriage. But this play was not about this kind of loss at all. It addressed only the grief of losing a spouse to death. But that was covered thoroughly. How many ways can you lose the love of your life? Natural causes like heart attack or old age, natural disasters, accidents or suicide (or...

27 Voices is a work in progress written by S.M. Hunter and directed by Quelemia Sparrow was read by :
Sam Bob, Jennifer Brousseau, Nyla Carpentier, Madeleine McCallum, Joel Montgrand, Melissa Oei, Shyama Priya, Varya Rubin, Donna Soares, Tsawaysia Spakwus. 

There were ten readers, but no identity was given to any of them. I was looking for characters and 27 different distinct voices with their own stories. I heard out some voices speaking about a still birth in the bath tub, kneecaps in pig manure, pimps and pain, yearnings for love, rape, menstruation blood, and labour pain. But there was no...