From all of the plays I have attended, I would definitely give The Dance Teacher first place in being the most emotionally intense.

The story is about a dance teacher, Justin, who was put in jail for sexual assault of his boy students. We learn during the play that he, in his turn, was assaulted and abused by his former teacher when he was young boy and he was left by his mother at the age of 15. Or was he? Everything that Justin tells us is put under question. We learn that he is the biggest manipulator and that...

Chelsey Stuyt is a comedian and performer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. The story is based on her personal experience.

Although Stuyt is well known as a comedian,The Secret is a great balanced combination of serious and funny! She tells stories inside of stories. Multilayered, emotional, sophisticated and excellent storytelling. The Secret weaves together psychology, mythology, personal exploration and a parent’s love, culminating in a heartbreaking, unexpected reveal you won’t soon forget.

Chelsey talks about human nature, the mistakes we make and what and how we learn from them. She elaborates on questions such as, “Why do we keep secrets?” and “Why do we...

By Colleen Ann Fee
Directed by Tammy Bentz
After Love, Life is a play in progress by Advance Theatre: New Works by Women.

The title instantly attracted me. I am just starting to live after years of paralysis after the end of a 25-year marriage. But this play was not about this kind of loss at all. It addressed only the grief of losing a spouse to death. But that was covered thoroughly. How many ways can you lose the love of your life? Natural causes like heart attack or old age, natural disasters, accidents or suicide...