The Secret — Funny, Multilayered Storytelling

Chelsey Stuyt is a comedian and performer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. The story is based on her personal experience.

Although Stuyt is well known as a comedian,The Secret is a great balanced combination of serious and funny! She tells stories inside of stories. Multilayered, emotional, sophisticated and excellent storytelling. The Secret weaves together psychology, mythology, personal exploration and a parent’s love, culminating in a heartbreaking, unexpected reveal you won’t soon forget.

Chelsey talks about human nature, the mistakes we make and what and how we learn from them. She elaborates on questions such as, “Why do we keep secrets?” and “Why do we reveal them?” She intelligently speculates on the reasons for both. She speaks about the relationship we have with our parents, and childhood experiences and their tremendous impact on our lives. She reveals her unique trusting relationship with her mother. Chelsey Stuyt is on a quest to reveal the reason why she tells her mother everything—everything except that one little secret she kept to herself for so long.

Chelsey is a unique and talented monologist. She is hilarious, emotional, brave, honest and unexpectedly touching. The show is great for adults, young adults and teenagers!

By Natalia Krioutchkova