Dance Teacher — Emotionally Moving Drama

From all of the plays I have attended, I would definitely give The Dance Teacher first place in being the most emotionally intense.

The story is about a dance teacher, Justin, who was put in jail for sexual assault of his boy students. We learn during the play that he, in his turn, was assaulted and abused by his former teacher when he was young boy and he was left by his mother at the age of 15. Or was he? Everything that Justin tells us is put under question. We learn that he is the biggest manipulator and that is what makes it more difficult to see the truth. The play tells the story of Justin before he got convicted and lets you decide if he is guilty or if he is in fact the victim here?

Sexual assault and pedophilia are not easy stories to tell. During the play we learn to love and to hate Justin at the same time. His loneliness and his starvation for finding love are very believable and moving. He repeatedly says, “I am lonely!” but no one hears.  So can we really blame him for what he has done? Yes we can, but at the same time The Dance Teacher makes you see that our society is totally responsible for those cases as well. There are definitely no simple yes/no answers here.

The acting of all actors is incredibly good! It makes you believe and truly feel what is happening on the stage.

Good acting, good production and a good story that will make you think – Those in my opinion are great reasons to go and see this play.

I am sure you will not be left indifferent!

By Elena Krasnova