The Nether is a delightfully textured piece about catharsis, crime and how to navigate ethics and morality when reality isn’t reality any more. It will make you feel—disgust, temptation, anger, shock, love, sympathy, sadness, horror and pleasure; perhaps all at once—and it will make you think. Is this where we’re headed in our society? What would it mean for what we call our lives? Our identities? Is this “Nether” a blessing or a curse?

Written by Jennifer Haley, the Vancouver Fringe incarnation of The Nether was produced by Redcurrant Collective, a local company including many faces that will be familiar...

This three part fusion of digital and live-action visual manipulation is stellar in its conception, but varied in execution.

We’ve all seen something of the latest in motion capture technology, most likely on the screens of the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies. In a short introduction producer, director, and performer Athomas Goldberg informs audiences that the result of motion capture that we see on the Hollywood screen arises from the immense effort of teams of digital artists and technicians. He says this process takes a long time in film post-production because a single minute of motion capture performance creates many...

I wish I'd had a chance to see this show earlier in the festival so I could have told everyone I know to see it, although I looked them up and it looks like they're touring the show, so check out for future dates.

I had heard one of the performers describe the show during a flyering on graville island as “juggling as you've never seen it before”. He wasn't kidding. I would describe The New Conformity as something of a hybrid between juggling, dance and stunt choreography.

With a thought provoking narrative, social...

Technology intrudes, separates, distracts, annoys and replaces the need for human connection. Technology supports new endeavours, makes the impossible possible, and challenges our understanding of what stories are and how we tell them. 

DareU! is a collaboration between mentoring organization The Only Animal and a team of young aspiring story tellers to bring new dimensions to a theme, and portray these facets within a fixed physical space but changing dimensionality of time. Seven stories are vaguely blended together the way that the tide changes the character of the river mouth. We are salmon, swimming between salt and fresh.