Eurydice, while not a searing production, was a rare treat. The play by lauded American playwright, Sarah Ruhl, is one part nostalgic fable, one part modern comedy, with some gentle nods to ancient Greek theatre.  There’s a touch of the absurd in the script - stones who speak in chorus, a devil who rides a tricycle, an underworld hotel room made out of string.  The language is poetic yet clean, and there’s something about the crisp dialogue, a minimalist back and forth, that takes the scenes into a heightened magical realm while still feeling utterly modern.

It's not often that I find myself sexually titillated by clowns.

The Sama Kutra was one such occasion. And as I go over this colourful and electric performance in my mind, it's clear that there was more motivating it than mere shock value. 

A needle swings ever more wildly between silly and sexy as a clowny couple (Sizzle played by Jacqueline Russell and Spark played by Jed Tomlinson) try to revive their crumbling relationship with the help of the eponymous magical erotic book. The makeup, the humorous acting, and the wild props all combine to create a layer of separation...

Rhonda Badonda: Pain in Her Brain is a credit to the solo show format. Rhonda Musak, the writer and performer of this creative autobiographical piece, fills the stage with motion and personality. She slips into her many characters with ease, and while some of the accents don't quite ‘stick’, the characters themselves are lovingly crafted and portrayed. Musak acts, narrates, and sometimes dances her way through the experience of growing up with a learning disorder she doesn't know she has, a story she tells with glowing wit and humor.


Theatre artist and musician Chase Padgett has been traveling with the “6 Guitars” show for a long while. I saw it as a preview at Havana Theatre (its Fringe run is at The Cultch), but this was not a preview from the artist’s perspective.

Although it is called "6 Guitars", but it's really about musical philosophy, as viewed from the perspective of six archetypal American musicians in six genres (Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Folk and Country). I enjoyed the musical philosophy, and the bits of music theory scattered throughout.

This is a theatre artist who loves music, who loves thinking...

Funny · Musical · Intimate

If I could have babies, I would have Ryan Gladstone's babies. His babies would be funny, talented, and would attempt things that no mere mortal would ever dare try. Imagine if we populated an entire Fringe with his talented, crazy, babies - people would be entertained for weeks on end and never get bored of the shenannigans his babies would get into. Unless we clone him now, we do have the technology, I hear. Anyway, let's move on to talking about the show itself because my imagination is running away with me and thinking about how many babies Ryan should...

He is so talented and stuff

Everyone remembers their first time, right?  I do and it was quick to forget it.  Unfortunately, you can't forget your first time.  Come on!  The first time is always something you remember even if you want to forget it.  The First Time is a production that covers this fact in great detail whether your first time was good or not.

I know you wanted your first time to be with Elvira!