Chelsey Stuyt is a comedian and performer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. The story is based on her personal experience.

Although Stuyt is well known as a comedian,The Secret is a great balanced combination of serious and funny! She tells stories inside of stories. Multilayered, emotional, sophisticated and excellent storytelling. The Secret weaves together psychology, mythology, personal exploration and a parent’s love, culminating in a heartbreaking, unexpected reveal you won’t soon forget.

Chelsey talks about human nature, the mistakes we make and what and how we learn from them. She elaborates on questions such as, “Why do we keep secrets?” and “Why do we...

Burn Job is written and performed by TJ Dawe. This is his 13th appearance at the Vancouver Fringe and his 106th Fringe overall. 106 Fringes!

Dawe's sit-down monologue takes you on a mesmerizing 75-minute journey. It is hard to say if it is a play or more of a motivational seminar on spiritual enlightenment. He could be successful writing a self-help book. It is the story of his life told in a very meaningful, intelligent, informative and humorous way.  

TJ Dawe is absolutely one of the Fringe’s greatest storytellers, and Burn Job is another impressive achievement in Dawe’s ongoing...

TJ Dawe

Starstuff: Per Aspera Ad Astra, written and directed by Derek Chan, tells the story of astronaut Thomas Malinsky and his perilous journey to a planet far away in a one-person spaceship.

The story is complex and multilayered. Although the story is philosophical and historical, it is overly repetitive and difficult to follow. It is challenging to determine what play the writer/director was aiming for. It seems like he tries to draw parallels between the birth of a child and space exploration. In spite of the fact that...