Charles Ross’s latest geek-fest on speed does the MST3K/RiffTraks treatment to Christopher Nolan’s Caped Crusader trilogy. Told in three acts, with effective, simple lighting, an impressive arsenal of self-propelled sound effects, and impeccable impersonations of trademark celebrity characters, this romp mercilessly lampoons the plot holes, hyperbole and ham-tastic performances that makes Nolan’s take on the DC Dark Knight’s tale a fan’s bushel of belly laughs.

For fans of comic/graphic novel lore and the blockbuster extravaganzas they inspire, come see this tour de force. Ross delights and amazes with his faithful and reverent satire of the trilogy. Come see this show if you’re...

Musings about being an actor before an audition for “cashier #2”, Vancouver-based film and television actor Morgan Brayton reflects on her adolescent ideas of being a successful actor and all her apparently “golden ticket” opportunities in Give It Up.

The show is filled with moments that make you laugh because they are true. Like the second-hand embarrassment you feel when Morgan shares with the audience how she has failed all her prepubescent dreams of having a spin off series, sharing the cover of Teen Beat with Scott Baio and being invited to late night talk shows.


Your PLANK Panelists taking in Solo Collective's new black comedy The Project are Andrew Templeton and Kirstie McCallum.

Andrew: In his latest piece, Aaron Bushkowsky attempts one of the holy grails in playwriting:  to create a play that features a cast of irredeemable characters with whom it is impossible for the audience to have a proper emotional investment. Without the usual emotional narratives to build on, the playwright must use compelling situations and characters who intrigue us not through compassion but through (usually horrified) interest.

With The Project, Bushkowsky has almost pulled off this near impossible trick. The first half...

Lindsey Angell and Andrew McNee working on The Project