The Peter n’ Chris Show!: mastery of the meta comedy improv

A photo with Chris! And Peter!
Victoria: 8 1/2 sketches. Begin with written cards that render a good laugh. Chris then launches into a monologue, script in hand, a good old southern boy saying goodbye to his grandpa Peter rocking on the front porch. There's a disagreement on the location of the fourth wall. Segue to a job interview, and it's established we're in the throes of two young performers who have nailed the manic, precision mastery of meta comedy improv. 
A tough guy Chris wants his bag watched, but the boys break into it, unwrapping a present to a squeal of laughter. Segue to a golf swing demonstration. Enter the interviewer Chris of Beans Beans Beans coffee shop who despite being impressed by the steady hands of the prospective employee Peter is nonetheless humiliated by him for having no dreams. Chris proves his creative impulse by screening his employee training video with a stolen plot from 'The Hurt Locker'. 
Chris masturbates while his roommate Peter sorts his zip-loc bags in the dark. Many adventures follow, Peter finally lands the job at Beans Beans Beans, much to the chagrin of Chris who is an adherent of [f]unemployment. Chris laments: "Everyone has figured out life but me." Peter demurs: "I'm just as lost." These two guys are very good, and their show will grow by leaps and bounds.
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By Charles Tidler